• DA42
  • Specs & Options
Engine 2x Lycoming I0-360 fuel injected counter rotating engines equipped with PowerFlow tuned exhaust system
Horsepower 360 hp total
Propellers 2x MT 3-blade composite hydraulic constant speed with unfeathering accumulator
Airworthiness category Normal
Length 28 ft 1 in
Height 8 ft 2 in
Wing span 44 ft
Maximum take-off weight 3,935 lbs
Useful load 1,180 lbs
Fuel capacity, total / usable 79 gal / 76.4 gal
Fuel 100 LL Avgas
Take-off distance 1,590 ft
Take-off distance, 50-foot obstacle 2,450 ft
Landing ground roll 1,210 ft
Landing distance, 50-foot obstacle 2,410 ft
Rate of climb (MTOW, SL, ISA, Vy: 90kts) 1,400 fpm
Maximum demonstrated operating altitude 18,000 ft
Maximum single-engine ceiling (ROC <50 fpm) 6,400 ft
Maximum speed (Take off power, SL, ISA) 178 kts
Cruise speed at 75% power 162 ktas
Maximum Range (no reserve) 800+ nm
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