July. 21/08
Diamond to display D-JET and Austro Engine at AirVenture Oshkosh

Diamond Aircraft invites customers and prospects to come to its AirVenture exhibit in Oshkosh to see the D-JET, which will be on static display, along with the D-JET mockup. Diamond's display will also include its full range of piston aircraft, from the DA20, to the DA40 CS, DA40 XLS, DA50 and DA42. In addition, Diamond will also be displaying an AE 300 Austro Engine, a JET-A, 170 hp turbo-diesel engine which will soon be available on the DA42 Diamond twin. Customers are invited to explore the 53 ft expandable, air-conditioned trailer, where several video and avionics displays provide more information about Diamond and its line of aircraft.

"Diamond is proud to be the only company to offer a full range of aircraft, from a 2-seat trainer to 4-seat and 5-seat piston singles, to a modern, composite light twin and a Personal Jet. Our display at Oshkosh will showcase the full line up - a family of aircraft which can take new pilots from their first lesson all the way to a jet type rating," explains Heike Larson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The static display D-JET is one of Diamond's aerodynamically conforming prototypes. It will be displayed right next to the full-scale D-JET mock-up, which allows people to experience the amazing roominess of the D-JET Personal Jet.

The AE 300 Austro engine is a next-generation turbo-diesel. It offers 26% more engine power than the engine currently on the DA42, for better performance across the board: take-off performance, climb performance, singleengine performance and, of course, speed. Developed with key technology partners, including MB Tech (Mercedes Benz) and Bosch, the engine is slated for European certification in fall 2008. It incorporates many improvements over previous diesel powerplants, including a gear box without a clutch, a cast-iron crankcase, integral oil/coolant heat exchanger and improved turbocharger air induction and cooling systems.

To see Diamond's Oshkosh exhibit, please visit the company at Combo L.

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