October 07/08
Diamond Aircraft selects ATP for factory-authorized D-JET Flight Training

Diamond Aircraft has announced that ATP (Airline Transport Professionals) will provide factory-authorized initial and recurrent type rating flight training for the Diamond D-JET personal jet.    

“The D-JET is designed primarily for the owner/pilot market and, as such, the type rating training needs to be different than conventional business jet type training,” said Peter Maurer, President of Diamond Aircraft. “ATP has a well-proven track record of transitioning piston pilots to jet aircraft, and they offer an established network covering the continental USA. The initial type training is one thing, but to keep D-JET pilots current and safe, we feel that accessible and convenient recurrent training and ready access to instructor and safety pilots is very important. ATP offers all of these, and as our D-JET fleet grows, so will the number of ATP D-JET training centers across North America. We are pleased that ATP is not only a very good customer, but that this partnership will add value and convenience to the D-JET ownership experience for all customers.”

In November 2006, ATP announced its purchase of 20 D-JETs, plus options, as well as five (5) Diamond Simulation D-JET Flight Training Devices (FTDs). With this fleet, ATP will not only offer professional jet flight training, but will also offer use of these aircraft to D-JET owners such that they can obtain training and type rating prior to taking delivery of their own aircraft.    

With a demonstrated ability to manage a fleet of more than 140 high-utilization aircraft that flew more than 140,000 training hours last year, ATP also will offer expanded services to D-JET pilots, including pre-type rating training, mentoring, aircraft management, aircraft positioning, and factory authorized aircraft service, in addition to the training services.   

“ATP chose the D-JET because it will provide cost effective actual jet experience to our U.S. and international Career Pilot training market,” said Derrick Dennis, President of ATP. “By integrating the D-JET into our career training programs, D-JET buyers will gain access to a pre-established network of training centers, maintenance centers, dispatch capabilities, and ATP's Pilot Network. This level of access will make the D-JET even simpler and more convenient to own and fly.”

ATP and Diamond will release mbt shoes type training program details progressively, as the D-JET nears customer delivery.

In 1984 ATP pioneered cost-efficient, accelerated multi-engine flight training with an emphasis on pilot career development. Today, ATP's Airline Training Programs prepare graduates for airline pilot and corporate pilot careers with nationwide flight experience in the largest multi-engine training fleet. Advanced jet training transitions these pilots from light twins to modern regional jets in CRJ-200 flight training devices. With thousands of graduates who have completed airline training on time and on budget, airlines come to ATP first to meet their demand for pilots. This success is backed-up by letters of agreement with ten of the nation's leading regional airlines. ATP flies over 12,000 hours to provide more than 450 FAA pilot certifications each month at 20 locations nationwide. For more information visit

  • Diamond has selected ATP for factory-authorized D-JET flight training.