November 06/08
Diamond Aircraft unveils new Lycoming-powered DA42 L360 twin at AOPA Expo 2008

Diamond Aircraft revealed its new DA42 L360 to the public for the first time, after flying the prototype aircraft to the AOPA Expo 2008 in San Jose, California, from the company’s facility in London, Ontario. The company also announced it has set pricing and has begun taking orders for the innovative aircraft, which is on track for certification and initial customer deliveries in Q1 2009.
The Diamond DA42 L360, offers key advantages relative to its competitors, including:

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•    Garmin G1000 avionics suite
•    Fuel injection
•    Available flight into known icing certification
•    Lower drag airframe, offering more performance and better fuel efficiency
•    Counter-rotating engine mounting so there is no critical engine, making the aircraft easier to control in the unlikely event of loss of one engine
•    Improved performance with a maximum speed of 180+ knots true airspeed and an initial rate of climb of 2000+ fpm
•    PowerFlow tuned exhaust system
•    Re-designed cowlings to reduce drag and improve aesthetics
•    Possible future upgrade to Austro-Engine AE300 engines
•    A recontoured canopy for increased headroom and comfort.

Pricing is set at $599,500 USD and includes the Honeywell KAP 140 dual axis autopilot. Customers can begin placing orders immediately.

  • Diamond Aircraft has begun taking orders for the Lycoming-powered DA42 L360