Special Mission

Factory Direct

The attributes that make our aircraft so successful, make them excellent platforms for any special mission operation.

MPP at a glance

  • Stealthy
  • High useful load
  • Economical to operate
  • Exceptional endurance & range
  • Proven performance
  • Global support
  • Production aircraft based
  • Full OEM level integration

Diamond offers an extensive portfolio of factory approved sensor, communication and datalink installations for a wide variety of missions. Additionally, Diamond is an OEM that welcomes and supports the development and certification of custom configurations to suit each customer’s specific requirements.

Whatever your mission, we offer one stop shopping for structural and aerodynamic modifications, systems integration, testing and certification, to create platforms that gather and transmit the data you need.

To learn more, please visit Diamond Airborne Sensing www.diamond-sensing.com.



Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. (Canada) is your exclusive supplier of Special Mission Aircraft in the USA and Canada. We work closely with our colleagues at Diamond Airborne Sensing GmbH to serve your needs.




About Special Mission


Our first special mission platform was based on our popular HK36 motorglider.  Incredibly, the rather light HK36 MPX “WESCAM STEALTH” (2,046 lbs MTOW), carried a 16” gimbal, broadcast quality camera, pilot plus system operator, tactical COM’s, multiple onboard monitors and recorders, POV cameras, directional or omni-directional data downlink systems for realtime live to air transmissions and enough fuel to loiter a very long time.  This heavily modified aircraft’s successful ENG operations, prior to 9/11, formed the foundation of Diamond Airborne Sensing GmbH and the DA42MPP.


A desire for more performance, higher payload, more range and endurance, unrestricted certification and all weather capability lead Diamond to develop the DA42 MPP, Multi Purpose Platform.  Powered by quiet, smooth, low fuel consumption proprietary turbocharged jetfuel piston powerplants, the DA42 MPP has the potential to perform missions simply not possible with conventional aircraft.

Such was the demand and potential, that a dedicated division, DIAMOND AIRBORNE SENSING GmbH, was established to support this specialized market.  Today well over 100 systems are operating worldwide, providing intelligence and security.