Flight Training - Private

You Can Fly!

Have you ever thought how incredible it would be to fly?

Imagine the destinations, adventures and memories that flying would bring to your life. Once you’ve tried private aviation, there’s simply no better way to travel – high above traffic, direct to the destinations of your choice and without the hassles of airport security and cabins cramped with strangers – just pure enjoyment for you and your passengers.

If you’ve ever thought that flying yourself is something that you’d like to do, then go for it [ just do it ] and start enjoying life that much more.

Getting your pilot’s license is one of the most fun and gratifying achievements in life – and easier than you might think. Many great leaders are pilots, recognized and respected for their ability to single handedly finish what they started, whatever may come their way. Flying will teach you skills that you will apply to other aspects of your life.

If you are learning to fly for pleasure it makes sense to choose an airplane that’s a pleasure to fly. Whether you are buying your first airplane or looking for the best aircraft to rent, Diamond’s single engine aircraft are the perfect companion as you progress to your license and beyond.

Flying As a Career?

Flying as a Career? Many pilots have started flying for pleasure and turned their flying passion into a career. There are many universities and professional flight training operations that focus on preparing pilot candidates for piloting commercial aircraft, but a great many professional pilots have started out with their private pilot license, earned at their local flight school, and have progressively expanded their qualifications from there.

From First Flight to Forever in a Diamond

Unlike most common training airplanes, all Diamond aircraft are exhilarating to fly, with responsive controls, comfortable cockpits and great performance.

They are safe, they have great handling qualities, stability and responsiveness, excellent runway and climb performance, they are fast, yet fuel efficient, quiet, smooth and forgiving.

Best of all they are Diamonds. With an ever expanding line of aircraft, from our 2 seat DA20 that has been the exclusive gateway to US Air Force aviation for over 10 years, to the ultra versatile DA40, the sleek DA42 twin and our new 7 seat DA62, you can go from first flight to forever in a Diamond.

High quality, innovative technology and the envy of the ramp. That’s Diamond.

How Long Will It Take?

That depends on how much time you can devote to training. You can go as fast or slow as you like. The key is to recognize that you are taking lessons to learn skills, not just to tick boxes to get a license. It is best to go at a steady pace that suits your lifestyle and balances your other commitments, such that the learning experience is positive. Getting a private pilot’s license in the USA requires a legal minimum of only 40 hours of which at least 20 hrs are with your instructor and 10 hrs are solo. While this could technically be accomplished within one month, this would be quite uncommon.

The typical nation-wide average is between 60-70 hours of actual flying. Each lesson may include pre and post flight briefings, weather briefings and flight planning. Depending on your availability, you will realistically obtain your private pilot license in about 5-7 months, by taking lessons 2-3 times per week. You can speed it up, or spread the learning out over a longer time, to fit your schedule and budget.

Weather also plays a role. Early in your training your instructor will only let you fly on good weather days, so if you live in the northeast and start your training in the fall, it will take you longer than if you live in California or start your training in the spring.

In addition to the actual flight instruction, you will also be taking ‘Ground School’ – the theoretical aspect of your training. This can be done on-line, self taught, through multi-media courses, plain old independent book study, or by attending formal classes offered by your local flight school.

You will be taking exams along the way, both theoretical and practical and finally a flight test with a FAA designated examiner. Your instructor will prepare you for these to ensure maximum success.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost to get your license is based on several factors. Your location, the amount of instruction time you take, the quality of the flight training operation and the vintage and condition of the airplanes they operate. The type of airplane you choose to train in will also have an effect (a two seat DA20 will be significantly cheaper than an IFR equipped 4 seater, for example). In rough numbers, you should budget approximately $10,000 including ground school, flight instruction, materials and fees.

Can I Learn To Fly In My Own Airplane?

Of course! If you are going to buy an airplane it is a good idea to learn to fly in that airplane, assuming the airplane is not too advanced for a new pilot. Flight schools and instructors welcome the addition of a new airplane to their flightline and in many cases, leasing your airplane back to the flight school will help pay for your airplane and offer added convenience to your flying. If you are interested in purchasing an aircraft for leaseback, please contact 1-888-359-3220 and we will help locate a suitable flight school near you.

Where Can I Learn To Fly In a Diamond?

There are many excellent flight schools that operate Diamond Aircraft for training and rental. Our flight school directory is under construction. Please contact 1-888-359-3220 and we will help locate a school near you.

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If you are an FAA licensed flight school or instructor operating a Diamond airplane, we would like to add you to our directory.
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