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Flying Is A Passion. Flight Training Is A Business.

Whether you run a small FBO or a large University program, cost is a major driver. Flight training aircraft are business tools. They need to meet the mission, be safe, and generate the maximum possible margin for your business. Anything less and you don’t compete.

What is the right aircraft for your business? That depends on the type of pilot being trained, what level they are being trained to, and what the utilization is.

No single aircraft model meets all training needs and that’s why Diamond offers a full range of modern, safe, efficient and reliable single and twin engine aircraft, along with professional high fidelity Diamond Simulation flight training devices. From first flight through Commercial multi-IFR with instructor ratings, Diamond has an aircraft to match your needs.

Choosing the right aircraft is a big decision.

The choices you make today will define your success for years to come. You need to consider:

  • Total Life Cycle Cost
  • Recruitment Appeal
  • Availability
  • Safety
  • Support

Total Life Cycle Cost

Whether you run a small local school, an international professional pilot training organization, or the flight department of a large University, cost is a major driver.

While purchase price comparisons are easy, it is the total life cycle cost that needs to be considered. What might seem like a bargain on the surface, may not be the best choice in the long run.

Example: For high utilization operations, hourly fuel cost can be significantly more than any hourly capital cost difference.

For high utilization operations, a purchase price difference of $50,000 amounts to about $5/hr, yet a jetfuel piston twin DA42 can save over $50/hr in fuel costs alone, as compared to a conventional AVGAS twin trainer.

Capital Cost

Lease, finance or purchase, the true capital cost of any aircraft is defined as much by its resale value as its purchase price.

Diamond owners enjoy some of the best resale values in the industry. Our rugged composite airframes resist wear and tear, refinish easily, have no life limit and have been proven in millions of flight hours.

The Benefits of Efficiency

It’s simple: less drag = less thrust = less power = less fuel

Fuel Cost

Fuel costs have become the single most significant hourly expense for many high utilization operators. That’s why Diamond focuses on aerodynamic efficiency, as well as fuel efficient engines.

Our innovative proprietary Austro Engines burn not only much less fuel than a comparable avgas engine, they burn lower cost Jet fuel that is lead free and available worldwide.

Insurance Cost

Diamond’s excellent safety record, toughness and economical repairability have resulted in very competitive premiums for Diamond operators.

Maintenance Cost

Our aircraft have demonstrated their reliability and competitive maintenance costs in millions of hours of high utilization flight training operations in a variety of extreme climactic conditions worldwide.

Parts Cost

Parts can be a significant part of overall operating costs. Have you checked the airframe parts cost of the aircraft you are considering? We build our parts to last, to be interchangeable and price them competitively.

Labour Cost

Good A&P’s cost good money and they are worth it. Diamond places special emphasis on reducing wasted labour time and costs with modular designs, easily accessed inspection items and extended inspection intervals.

Recruitment Appeal

The aircraft you choose in 2017 will serve you well into the next decade and beyond. What image does your organization want to portray? Progressive? Advanced? Innovative? If so, there is no better way than to demonstrate this with a fleet of sleek Diamonds on your flightline. Your pilot cadets will appreciate the performance, advanced technology and undeniable ramp appeal of every Diamond. Their parents will value the unparalleled safety record.

In short, our aircraft will attract business and help you sell your flight training services to your prospective customers.


When an aircraft is flying, it generates revenue. When it's not it is draining cash. We get that and we strive to ensure your Diamond is available to fly as much as possible.

Operational Capability

How many days were your twins grounded last winter? Our DA42 offers known ice certification, keeping your students safe and allowing you to launch when forecast ice might otherwise keep you grounded.

All our aircraft have high demonstrated crosswind capability and superb handling that lets you confidently fly when conditions are less than ideal.


Diamond designs its aircraft with high utilization in mind. Demonstrated reliability gives you confidence that unscheduled downtime is minimized, not only for the cost of repair, but for the lost opportunity cost.

Extended Maintenance Intervals

Our AUSTRO jetfuel piston engines require service only every 100 hrs, as does the rest of the aircraft. We continuously expand the service intervals and reduce the maintenance requirements, based on actual service experience, for all our models.


When it comes to safety, positive results are what really matter most. Diamond has earned a safety record, backed by real world data that is second to none.

Our primary design goal is to build aircraft that are a pleasure to fly, yet forgiving and safe, while offering maximum protection in case of an accident.

Aviation Consumer’s comparative review of aircraft safety found that all of Diamond’s airplanes from the DA20 to the DA42 twins have exceptionally low overall accident rates and low fatal rates.

Source: http://www.avweb.com/news/features/Used-Aircraft-Guide-Diamond-DA20-222630-1.html

Diamond Safety


Operational Support

Successful long term operation of any new model requires a successful start. We can assist with expert flight instruction and aircraft familiarity training for your instructors, we can support development of your training materials and we offer on-site evaluation and fleet integration support. Our services have benefited operators worldwide, including renowned operators such as DOSS / US Air Force Initial Flight Screening Program and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Maintenance and Technical Support

Every Diamond is handcrafted to the highest standards using top quality materials and components. Your airplane is a significant investment and it’s important to maintain it in top condition to retain its original performance, efficiency and reliability, not only in the interest of safety but also to maintain top value.

Our experienced Customer Support group leads an extensive network of factory trained independently operated Diamond Authorized Service Centres to provide quick, efficient and competent service throughout North America. Our expert staff consists of enthusiastic aviation professionals that understand your airplane and your needs.

We maintain comprehensive inventories of service and repair parts to support each model, offer maintenance training and provide factory direct on-site technical support when required.

Most fleet operators maintain a factory direct relationship for after sales support and benefit from special programs that are designed to support high utilization fleet operators.

Diamond Service