Diamond Flight Simulators

As Real As It Gets

Diamond’s model-specific flight training devices have been developed by pilots, flight instructors and engineers to create training tools that are second to none. They are built of authentic Diamond aircraft parts, with real avionics, high-end visuals and OEM flight dynamic models for fidelity that is simply unsurpassed. Our instructor operating stations are of a caliber that you typically find only on high level full motion airline devices.

Designed both for basic and advanced instrument, navigation and procedural training, they are perfectly suited for instruction, check flights, screening purposes and skill proficiency tests.

Add a Diamond Simulator To Your Flightline And Reap The Benefits:

  • Utilization: Sell flight training regardless of weather conditions or airplane availability.

  • Effectiveness: Focus on skills and technique development for greater student value and satisfaction.

  • Rewind and Repeat: Didn’t get it right the first time? Simply ‘rewind’ and try it again. You can shoot many more approaches each lesson than in any airplane.

  • Cost: Significantly increase your revenues and margins.

  • Safety: train for emergencies and special situations in a risk-free environment.

  • Instructor Training: In house training and maintenance of your instructors’ proficiency and qualifications at minimal cost.

  • Recruitment: Use the simulator as a recruitment tool for instructors and students alike.

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