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Electrifying Flying

A carbon responsible solution, offering a significant reduction to our already low emissions and noise signature; Diamond’s aircraft are a sustainable electric solution for the General Aviation market of tomorrow.

A unique All-Electric Single Engine Trainer

The eDA40 is designed to be an excellent electric circuit trainer and is based on an industry leading training model, the DA40.

  • Total flight time is expected to be up to 90 minutes as the battery technology evolves
  • Operating costs are expected to be reduced by up to 40% compared to traditional piston aircraft
  • Battery module will be equipped with a DC fast charging system, capable of turning around a depleted aircraft in under 20 minutes
  • Standard Garmin G1000 NXi glass cockpit

Charged by Electric Power Systems

Electric Power Systems (EPS) is a leading provider of high-power, scalable powertrains that are certifiable for electrified aviation. It develops energy storage systems, DC fast-charging stations, and electric propulsion products for Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Marine, and Industrial Traction industries.

EPS has numerous battery systems currently powering customer flight demonstrator vehicles (e.g., NASA X-57 and Bell Nexus). Advanced features produce safer battery systems resulting in a perfect safety record in field.

As a leader in certifiable energy storage systems, Electric Power Systems has developed a lightweight, low cost, long lasting solution that integrates the latest battery technology with advanced motors, power distribution, and charging assets.

Learn more about EPS

eDA40 All-Electric Aircraft Design Concept

Projects Electric Proofs of Concept


DA36 E-Star 2

DA36 E-Star 2 - Improved Serial Hybrid Electric Aircraft

The next generation aircraft with a serial hybrid electric drive system with improved performance and increased payload.

DA36 E-Star