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Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

The history of Diamond Aircraft dates back to 1981. With the beginning of the 1990s it joined the aviation pioneers who came before them. The plan for Diamond Aircraft was elegant in its simplicity. Use the best in class HK36 motorglider and its innovative use of advanced composite materials as the foundation for a new family of modern aircraft. Aircraft that wouldn’t be bound by the past, but ones that would set new standards for innovation, efficiency, performance and safety.

Today Diamond remains the only manufacturer to deliver a full line of aircraft that combine innovative airframe technology, advanced avionics systems and modern electronically controlled jet fuel piston engines. Along the way there were many firsts and triumphs, as well as some setbacks and disappointments. Through all the trials and tribulations one thing has remained constant – our unwavering commitment to innovation – for the sake of improved safety, performance and efficiency.

History Highlights

  • 1981
    Establishment of Hoffmann Flugzeugbau

    Hoffmann Flugzeugbau was founded in Friesach/Austria and started production of the H36 Dimona motor glider.

  • 1987
    Establishment production center

    A new facility was established in Wiener Neustadt/Austria and production of HK36 Super Dimona started.

  • 1991
    Take over by Dries family

    Dries family takes over the company and the DV20 Katana has its maiden flight.

  • 1992
    Diamond Canada

    Establishment of Diamond Canada in London/Ontario and the DA20 was introduced to the market.

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  • 1996
    Diamond Aircraft

    The company was first named Diamond Aircraft.

  • 2000
    DA40 Type Certification

    In the new millennium the DA40 received its type certification.

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  • 2004
    DA42 Type Certification

    In 2004 Diamond’s first twin engine aircraft, the DA42 received its EASA certification and crossed the Atlantic as the first non-stop transatlantic crossing by a diesel engine powered aircraft in general aviation.

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  • 2007
    Establishment of Austro Engine

    Austro Engine was founded in Wiener Neustadt, Austria and started developing rotary engines and Jet A1 aviation piston engines.

    In 2007 the DA42 MPP was introduced as a powerful and cost-effective mission solution.

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  • 2009
    Type Certificate for Austro Engine AE300

    Austro Engine and Diamond Aircraft Industries receive type certification for the turbo-diesel airplane engine AE300 for the DA42 NG and the DA40 NG.

  • 2011
    Maiden Flight DA36 E-Star

    In 2011 the DA36 E-Star, the world’s first aircraft with a serial hybrid electric drive system, successfully completed its maiden flight.

  • 2012
    Fly-By-Wire DA42

    Diamond Aircraft successfully tested the first fly-by-wire system for General Aviation on the twin-engine DA42 and according to the safety statistics of “Aviation Consumer” Diamond aircraft are three times safer than its closest competitor.

  • 2015
    DA62 Type Certification

    In 2015 Diamond Aircraft received EASA type certification for its newest twin engine aircraft, the DA62.

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  • 2016
    DART Maiden Flight

    Wanfeng Aviation acquires 60 % of Diamond Canada and on May 17, 2016 the turbine powered DART-450 took off for its first flight.

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  • 2017
    Wanfeng Aviation acquires 100 % of Diamond Group

    In 2017 Wanfeng Aviation acquires the Diamond Group, including Austria, Canada and Austro Engine. 

    The DA50-V and the aerial platform DA62 MPP were introduced to the market. 

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  • 2018
    Maiden Flight Hybrid Electric Twin Engine Airplane

    Siemens and Diamond Aircraft have partnered again in order to develop a multi-engine hybrid electric aircraft with lower fuel consumption (higher efficiency) and decreased noise pollution.

  • 2020
    DA50 RG Type Certification

    In 2020 Diamond Aircraft introduced the all-new Diamond Aircraft 5 seat DA50 RG with retractable gear.

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  • 2021
    Announcement eDA40 - All Electric Aircraft

    After extensive research and numerous flight test hours on electric and hybrid platforms, Diamond Aircraft is positioned to offer an all-electric solution to the General Aviation market – the eDA40.

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  • 2023
    Sustainable Aviation Fuels

    Diamond Aircraft Austria and Austro Engine (part of the Diamond Aircraft Group) launched a dedicated Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) development program for their Austro Engine powered aircraft.

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  • 2023
    Future propulsion systems

    Austro Engine GmbH and partners launched a program to develop a bivalent hydrogen engine.

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