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History Over a Quarter Century of Innovation

The history of Diamond Aircraft dates back to 1981. With the beginning of the 1990s it joined the aviation pioneers who came before them. The plan for Diamond Aircraft was elegant in its simplicity. Use the best in class HK36 motorglider and its innovative use of advanced composite materials as the foundation for a new family of modern aircraft. Aircraft that wouldn’t be bound by the past, but ones that would set new standards for innovation, efficiency, performance and safety.

Today Diamond remains the only manufacturer to deliver a full line of aircraft that combine innovative airframe technology, advanced avionics systems and modern electronically controlled jet fuel piston engines. Along the way there were many firsts and triumphs, as well as some setbacks and disappointments. Through all the trials and tribulations one thing has remained constant – our unwavering commitment to innovation – for the sake of improved safety, performance and efficiency.