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Job titleCountryCompanyBusiness UnitActions
Certification Engineer Powerplant (f/m/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftEngineering
Junior Design Engineer (f/m/x)AustriaAustro EngineEngineering
Production Work Planning and Controlling (f/m/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftProduction
Logistics/Production Support (m/f/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftMaterial Management
Technical Support/Avionic (m/w/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftSales/Marketing/After Sales
Staff member Production Planning (m/f/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftProduction
Support Engineer (Junior / Intermediate) - Mechanical SystemsCanadaDiamond AircraftEngineering
Service Partner Manager (f/m/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftAdministration
Sales Assistant - Special Mission Aircraft (m/f/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftAdministration
Airworthiness and Certification Engineer (f/m/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftEngineering
Design Engineer (Intermediate) - Mechanical SystemsCanadaDiamond AircraftEngineering
Painter (m/f/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftProduction
Unsolicited applicationAustriaDiamond AircraftAdministration
Senior Certification Engineer Electrics/Avionics (f/m/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftEngineering
Certification Engineer Product Support (f/m/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftEngineering
Team member Pre-Assembly (m/f/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftProduction
Paint preparer (m/f/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftProduction
Prototype Composite and tooling/repair (m/f/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftProduction
Aircraft Mechanic (m/f/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftMaintenance
Technical Documentation Employee Flight and Maintenance Manual (f/m/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftEngineering
Production Engineer (m/f/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftProduction
Telecommunications / Network Engineer - Special Mission Aircraft (m/f/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftAdministration
Airworthiness Engineer (m/f/x)AustriaAustro EngineEngineering
Internship as a test and design engineer/2024 (f/m/x)AustriaAustro EngineEngineering
Internship as an Airworthiness engineer/2024 (f/m/x)AustriaAustro EngineEngineering
Internship as a software engineer/2024 (f/m/x)AustriaAustro EngineEngineering
Production Test Pilot / Ground Inspector (f/m/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftProduction
Painter Maintenance (m/f/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftMaintenance
Engine Mechanic (m/f/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftMaintenance
Facility Management - Bereich Elektrotechnik/Betriebselektriker (m/w/x)AustriaDiamond AircraftProduction
Design Engineer – Avionics & Electrical (Junior / Intermediate)CanadaDiamond AircraftEngineering
Unsolicited Application CanadaCanadaDiamond AircraftAdministration
Airworthiness Engineer (Intermediate) (f/m/x)CanadaDiamond AircraftEngineering
Design Engineer (Senior) - Mechanical SystemsCanadaDiamond AircraftEngineering
Aircraft Technician Level 2 (Licensed)CanadaDiamond AircraftProduction
Airworthiness Engineer (Senior) (f/m/x)CanadaDiamond AircraftEngineering

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