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Sole Source Provider
Your Turnkey Flight Training Solution

Diamond Aircraft is your sole-source supplier!
We build the aircraft, the engine and state-of-the-art simulators.
We are your trustful point of contact for all your needs.
We offer a complete, most modern fleet of jet fuel piston aircraft with the
best flight training performance characteristics and safety record in the industry.
Moreover, our engines are so quiet you can barely hear them.
Your neighborhood will thank you!

The planes, as well as the co-operation with Diamond Aircraft, are exceeding even our high expectations.

Knut Einar Næss
Head of Training, Pilot Flight Academy (Norway)

The Flight School & Student Perspective

Highlights The Diamond Perspective - Your Key To Success

Turnkey Solution


Costs are a major driver

Your aircraft are business tools. They need to meet the mission, be safe and reliable and generate the maximum possible margin.

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No. 1 in safety

With Diamond Aircraft you and your pilot cadets will fly training aircraft with the best safety record in General Aviation. Both your cadets and families will value it.

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Top flight characteristics & avionics

Diamond aircraft offer exciting performance, great visibility and are easy to fly.

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Image & Environment

21st century aircraft

You are a modern flight school that wants the most modern training aircraft and you want them to be fuel efficient and to produce less CO2 and noise emissions.

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Costs Generate the maximum possible margin

Less fuel - more flight hours

Fuel costs have become the single largest hourly expense for many high utilization operators, exceeding even capital and insurance costs. That’s why Diamond is bullish on aerodynamic efficiency and even alternative fuel powerplants. Refuel only once a day and increase operation of every of your Diamond aircraft significantly. You can operate your aircraft worldwide and most often benefit from additional cost savings through lower fuel prices for jet-fuel.

We keep you flying

When it’s flying, your aircraft generates revenue, when it’s AOG, it costs money. Demonstrated reliability gives you confidence that unscheduled downtime is minimized, not only for the cost of repair, but for the lost opportunity costs. Diamond designs its aircraft with high utilization in mind. Our twins offer known ice certification, keeping your students safe and allowing you to take-off when others remain grounded.

Resale value

Our rugged composite airframes have an unlimited lifetime, allowing you to fly as many flight hours as you want, and guarantee a high resale price.

Handling Top flight characteristics & avionics

Refrences Flight Schools and Fleet Operators

The list (status 2023) has an extract character and does not show all operators of Diamond A/C flight training products. We as well honor the numerous smaller FTOs operating Diamond Aircraft, and are proud of their success with our product.

Download References for Flight Schools and Fleet Operators

ALGERIAAviation Training School
AUSTRIAAustrian Aviation Academy, Diamond Executive Club, JW Flighttraining Graz, Watschinger Flugbetrieb
AUSTRALIAAirways Aviation Academy, Australian International Aviation College, Australian Wings Academy, Flight Training Adelaide, Learn to Fly Melbourne
BELGIUMCAE Global Academy, Skywings
CANADADiamond Flight Centre, Moncton Flight College
CHINACivil Aviation University Of China, Civil Aviation Flight University of China, Xinjiang Tianxiang Aviation College, Hainan Aviation Academy, Shaanxi Phoenix International Flying College, Zhiyuan
General Aviation, Yunnan Energy Investment General Aviation, Long Hao General Aviation Group, China Flying Dragon General Aviation, Beijing XiangYu General Aviation, First International Aviation
Academy, Anhui Sky Aviation International Flight Academy, Hebei Jianxin International Aviation Development, Bei Da Huang General Aviation, Tianshan Eagles International Flight Academy, Inner
Mongolia Xiangrui International General Aviation
ETHIOPIAAbyssinian Aviation Academy, Abyssinian Flights Services, Ethiopian Airlines
FINLANDAeropole Flight Training, Finnish Aviation Academy, Patria Pilot Training
FRANCEAirways Aviation Academy, Airways Formation, Cannes Aviation, École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC), ESMA Aviation Academy
GERMANYAir Alliance Flight Center, European Flight Academy by Lufthansa, Airbus Flight Academy (Europe), IKON Ausbildungszentrum für die Luftfahrt, We Fly
GREECEEgnatia Aviation
ICELANDKeilir Aviation Academy
INDIACAE Global Academy – NFTI Gondia, Telengana State Aviation Academy, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA)
ITALYUrbe Aero, Professione Volare
JAPANAlpha Aviation
LATVIAAir Baltic Flight Academy
LITHUANIAGetJet Airlines
MALAYSIAAsia Pacific Flight Training, HM Aerospace, International Aero Training Academy (IATAC), ATAS
MALTADiamond Aviation
MOROCCOMorocco Aviation Private Academy, Royal Air Maroc Academy (RAMA)
NEW ZEALANDL3Harris Airline Academy, Massey University School of Aviation
NIGERIAInternational Aviation College, National College of Aviation Technology (NCAT)
NORWAYPilot Flight Academy
OMANOman Aviation Academy
PANAMACopa Airlines
PORTUGALSevenair Academy
QATARQatar Aeronautical College
RUSSIAHigher Aviation School Ulyanovsk, St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation
RWANDAAkagera Aviation
SAUDI ARABIASaudi Aviation Club, Saudi National Company of Aviation (Oxford Saudia)
SOUTH KOREACheongju University, Chodang University, Korean Aviation Academy
SPAINCentro de Estudios Superiores de la Aviación (CESDA), FTE Jerez
SWEDENAirways Flygutbildning, Diamond Flight Academy, Scandinavian Aviation Academy, Svensk Pilotutbildning
SWITZERLANDAvilu Flight Training, Flight School St. Gallen/Altenrhein, Lufthansa Aviation Training Switzerland
TAIWANApex Flight Academy, EVA Airways Flight Academy
THAILANDBangkok Aviation Academy, Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC), International Aviation College, Nakhon Phanom University (NPU)
THE NETHERLANDSMartinair Flight Academy, KLM Flight Academy
TUNISIASafe Flight Academy
TURKEYAtlasjet – Atlantic Flight Academy, Ayjet, Turkish Airlines
UKRAINERotor Ukraine
UNITED ARAB EMIRATESEmirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA), Etihad Flying College, Fujairah Avation Academy
UNITED KINGDOMAirways Aviation Academy, Atlantic Flight Training
USAAngel City Flyers, Angelo State University, Blue Line Aviation, CAE Global Academy, CTI Professional Flight Training, Doss Aviation, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, EVA Airways Flight Academy, L3 Harris Aviation Academy, LIFT Academy (Republic Airways), Middle Tennessee State University, MyFlight, Phoenix East Aviation, Take Flight Aviation, United Aviate, Utah State University, Utah Valley University

Examples for Authorities operating Diamond Aircraft

Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC), Austrian Air Force, Bangladesh Army, Bolivian Air Force, Ecuadorian Air Force, French Air Force, Indian Air Force, Nigerian Air Force, Polish Air Force. Royal Thai Air Force,  Senegalese Air Force, United States Air Force Academy Training