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E4 Series
Jet Fuel Piston Engines

Single power lever control. Less fuel consumption. Better performance.

Piston Engines Safe and Reliable Jet Fuel Engines

With the E4-Series of heavy fuel piston engines, Austro Engine is one of the leading jet fuel piston engine producers in General Aviation. The E4-Series stands for safe and reliable global operations with more than 2.5 million flight hours from more than 3,000 engines (Status March 2022).

The AE300 is a four cylinder two liter piston engine, burning jet fuel (Jet A-1, Jet A, TS-1, RT, No. 3 Jet Fuel (China), JP-8) with 168 HP / 123.5 kW. The engine is controlled by an active electronic system with integrated single power lever design.

The AE330 is the most powerful heavy fuel engine in its class, based on the successful and reliable AE300. It provides more power than the AE300 at the same weight. Great fuel efficiency, reliability and easy operation make the AE330 the best aviation engine of today and the future.

Benefits Reliability - Performance - Availibility

State of the art technology ensures the highest level of safety and lower fuel costs. Modern common rail technology provides the highest levels of reliability.

With a redundant EECU system the engine is failsafe. The Engine Diagnosis Tool Wizard communicates and delivers data via CAN - cabel or wifi through the newly developed CAN port (available in 2022).

The AE300 produces 168 HP / 123.5 kW and the AE330 180 HP / 132 kW for take off and maximum cruise power.

The low vibration level and the single power lever design improve the engine operation comfort and take a lot of workload from the pilot. This makes the engine the ideal powerplant for flight schools, private pilots and even special mission aircraft.

The AE300 / AE330’s jet fuel certification makes it easier to operate worldwide than the more common Avgas engine, since Avgas is hard to come by in certain regions and often costs many times the price of jet fuel.

Facts Engine Specifications

Max. take off power123.5 kW (168 hp)132 kW (180 hp)
Max. continuous power123.5 kW (168 hp)126 kW (171 hp)
Max. torque512 Nm550 Nm
Max. RPM2,300 min-12,300 min-1
Displacement1,991 cm3 (121.5,991 cm3 (121.5
Weight (dry)186 kg (410 lb)186 kg (410 lb)
Fuel consumptionat 100 % power 35 l/hat 100 % power 39 l/h
Fuel consumptionat 60 % power 19 l/hat 60 % power 21 l/h

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