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Innovation is in our DNA

Innovation means creating something new, and this is what we have done! A true, breakthrough innovation changes the way we live and work. At Diamond Aircraft we pioneered in three fields that were ground-breaking for the general aviation industry.

Innovation in Propulsion We were the first to install jet fuel piston engines

Diamond Aircraft revolutionized the general aviation market with being the first to introduce Diesel piston singles and twins. Together with Austro Engine we invested millions to develop and build our own eco-friendly, fuel-saving and powerful aircraft jet fuel engines. If you are thinking ‘Isn't jet fuel for the big airlines?’ you are absolutely right. It is, for many good reasons:

  • You burn 50% less fuel
  • You can operate worldwide since the aircraft is certified for multiple fuel types (Jet-A, Jet-A1, TS-1, RT, JP-8, and No. 3 Jet fuel)
  • Lower fuel cost compared to Avgas (the average price ratio between Jet-A1 and Avgas is 1:2)
  • Excellent performance including unique high-altitude performance thanks to the integrated turbo charger
  • You can now concetrate on more important things with the simplified electronic controlled system (ECU) to manage engine systems, including a single power lever design
  • You'll be excited about the drastically lower maintenance costs compared to conventional avgas engines

Diamond Aircraft currently still is the only provider of twin-engine aircraft powered by a turbocharged jet fuel Austro Engine model.

Innovation in Avionics We were the first to install GARMIN G1000 avionics

Back in 2001, Diamond Aircraft was the first to commit to GARMIN's - then top secret - fully integrated G1000 GPS system. The G1000 glass cockpit, similar to those used in large airliners, offers unparalleled situational awareness and flight monitoring. It meets the highest expectations regarding operator convenience and better safety: more integration, more functionality, more precision, better reliability.

Innovation in Airframe We were the first to use a monocoque safety cell

This is tomorrow's composite technology in today's airframe design. Made out of robust and at the same time strong glass and carbon fiber composite material, our safety cell meets high standards that are unique in our industry. The structure offers a damage tolerance of 26 G in crash tests and 10 G in flight. Diamond aircraft offer you the ultimate in durability, aerodynamic and safety compared to traditional aluminum airplanes:

  • Our rugged airframes have an unlimited lifetime, allowing you to fly as many flight hours as you want, and guarantee a high resale price.
  • Ductile composite materials, rather than aluminum, allow superior aerodynamically surfaces and sturdy designs. Performance and efficiency can be stylish – our airplane’s ramp appeal prove it.
  • Did you know that larger modern airliners, such as the Boeing 787, are largely built out of similar composite materials, just like Diamond Aircraft?

Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH in collaboration with Siemens AG are pleased to announce the first flight of a jointly developed multi-engine hybrid electric aircraft. The flight took place on 31 October 2018 at Diamond Aircraft’s headquarters in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

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We thrive on constant improvement

Our innovative spirit spurs us on to improve performance, efficiency, environmental responsibility and, above all, safety.

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