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World’s 1st flights with algae bioful

A Diamond DA42 NG, powered by Austro Engine AE300 engines, and fuelled with biofuel derived from algae, has been making demonstration flights at the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) in Berlin..

The configuration burns 8% less fuel per hour (approx. 1.5 litres/0.4 gallons) at similar performance levels and produces 40% less nitrogen oxide. Algae-based biofuel is 100% carbon neutral and contains eight times less hydrocarbons than aircraft powered by traditional kerosene fuels.

Diamond's single and twin engine NG series aircraft are powered by the most modern piston aircraft engines based on Daimler Benz turbo-diesel/Jet A-1 (most common kerosene in commercial aviation) technology in existence. Austro Engine’s AE300 already offer the very lowest exhaust emissions, lowest specific fuel consumption and lowest noise emissions. We are very proud to partner with EADS in these first flights of an aircraft powered by 100% biofuel derived from algae.

“Our pure bio fuel flight from algae is a world first and an exciting milestone in our research at EADS.” says Dr. Jean Botti, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of EADS. “This opens up the feasibility of carbon-neutral flights.”

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