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All-Electric Aircraft

From less emissions to zero emissions,
from being quiet to being almost silent!

The eDA40 shall be the first EASA/FAA CS/Part 23 certified electric airplane in its category. With DC fast charging offering short turnaround times, it is an exceptional sustainable aircraft for the flight training market of tomorrow.

1.2 hours+
397 lbs
2-3 seats
117 nm

 The testing of the all-electric eDA40 is an important step towards future pilot training in an even more environmentally friendly manner.

Matthias Spohr
CEO Lufthansa Aviation Training.

Preliminary Technical Specifications

Highlights Electrifying Flying


Propulsion & Avionics


Charged by Electric Power Systems

80 kWh battery system ensures an endurance of up to 74 minutes.

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Training Concept

Training Concept Sustainable Flight Training

The eDA40 will be the perfect add-on to your flight school concept: The eDA40 can be used for the first phase of pilot training, circuit training and for all flights in the vicinity of the airfield while the DA40 NG is the perfect aircraft for longer cross-country flights which require more endurance and range.

With a fleet consisting of the all electric eDA40 and the jet fuel powered DA40 NG and DA42-VI you fly as eco-friendly as possible:

  • All-electric aircraft have net zero emission during flight.
  • Jet fuel engines have much lower emissions compared to leaded or even low leaded aviation fuels and save many gallons of fuel and money as they will burn up to 50% less at equal power.

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Tech Specs Technical Specifications

Motor125 kW SAFRAN Electrical & Power ENGINeUSTM 100
Battery80 kWh EPiC Power battery by Electric Power Systems (EPS)