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Austro Engine

Austro Engine Propulsion Innovation

Innovation and industry leadership mean saying „no” to doing things the way it’s been done before.

With Diamond’s proprietary Austro Engine jet fuel piston engines, that means no manual mixture control, no magneto ignition, no manual priming, no prop control lever, no hard starting – hot or cold, no manual runup tests, no shock cooling, no cowl flaps, no power calculations based on rpm and manifold pressure, in short, less work and zero guesswork – more efficiency in every regard.

Start your career at Austro Engine

At Austro Engine, we pride ourselves on our aviation and innovation enthusiasm. The employee group is comprised of well trained, conscientious individuals who thrive on challenge and accomplishment.

Located in Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, Austria, approx. 30 minutes south from Vienna, the city offers an affordable, high quality of life with competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits.

Job Opportunities