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Flight School Solution
Your Sole Source Supplier – SEP, MEP, SIM, Training

Flying is a passion. Flight training is a business.
No other manufacturer offers you the time-saving and quality ensuring advantage of a single point of contact, whether it‘s the aircraft, the engine it‘s fitted with or our full-size replica simulator.

Choose your fleet What is the right aircraft for your business?

That depends on the type of pilots being trained, what level they are being trained to and the utilization will be. Diamond’s dedication to flight training has shaped our product line of modern fuel efficient aircraft, each with a specific training application in mind. From ab-initio through IFR, commercial or multi-engine training, Diamond has the aircraft and simulator to match your mission: PPL, CPL, ATP, CFI, CFII, SEL, MEL.

MEP The ideal advanced trainer

SEP From the very first flight

Aerobatic Training The perfect tandem trainer

SIM As real as it gets