DA40 Tundra

Four seat back country versatility

The DA40 TUNDRA blends rugged backcountry versatility with excellent cross-country speed and lots of room for people and gear. High crosswind capability, centre stick and precise handling make the DA40 TUNDRA a joy to fly into challenging terrain. Ultra low fuel burn is easy on the environment and your pocketbook too.

THE DA40 Tundra at a glance:

  • 4 seats / lots of space for gear
  • Superb visibility
  • Durable composite airframe
  • Rugged tundra landing gear
  • 170hp Jetfuel turbo AE300
  • G1000NXi with optional GFC700
  • Super low fuel burn
  • Excellent performance

The freedom of backcountry flying is one of the most rewarding and pleasurable flying pursuits.  The spacious 4 seat cabin with folding rear seat backs, large forward opening canopy and huge rear door, offers the optimum in loading flexibility.  Fly fishing rods, guns, tents, skis, snowshoes, even mountain bikes, and plenty more gear, all fit the DA40.

Backcountry flying is all about the views and few aircraft match the panoramic vistas that the DA40’s one piece forward opening canopy and forward seating position provide. Best of all, with seats for four, you can now share your passion for the outdoors with family and friends.

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The rugged all composite airframe offers excellent resistance to bumps and scrapes and stands up well in any environment.  Reinforced landing gear attachments, standard Beringer wheels wearing meaty 22 inch 8.50 x 6 mains, and a special long stroke hydraulic damper, controlling the extra heavy duty extended nose gear strut, soak up rough terrain with ease. High crosswind capability, centre stick and precise handling make the DA40 a joy to fly into challenging terrain. The DA40 TUNDRA comes standard with a stylish and hard wearing leather interior, with available comfort features including, adjustable seatbacks, lumbar support, electrically adjustable rudder pedals, even electric air conditioning, and more.


The DA40 TUNDRA is powered by the very special Austro AE300 jet-fuel piston engine. It starts easily under all conditions, hot and cold alike, sips less than four gph of jet-fuel at loiter speeds, and offers sprightly climbs thanks to turbocharging that maintains full power to 14,000’. The single power lever and redundant digital engine control offer ultimate reliability and ease of operation. It is as simple as it gets and means you can focus on the world outside.

The 3 blade MT hydraulic constant speed propeller features advanced blade geometry for efficient performance, smoothness and low noise. It is automatically controlled by the engine’s digital engine control through a conventional hydraulic governor.

The DA40 TUNDRA’s AE300 170 hp jet fuel piston engines have been in service in Diamond DA40s and DA42s since 2009. With over 1,200 engines in service and a total fleet time of well over 600,000 hrs as of November 2015, the AE300 has proven itself to be smooth, reliable and efficient.

Austro Engines and MT Propellers are supported by North American based factory support and parts centers and a network of Authorized Service Centers.

For more information our sister company Austro Engines please click here.


The fully integrated Garmin G1000NXi flight deck, with optional GFC700 Autopilot, offers superior situational awareness, convenience and safety, regardless how far you venture off the beaten track.  Optional equipment provides Traffic Advisory, Synthetic Vision Technology, Satellite WX and Entertainment, and more.

Safety by Design

Diamond’s industry-leading safety record is the result of our commitment to protecting you and your passengers with a long list of active and passive safety features.

Active safety features help to avoid accidents in the first place, the first and most important line of defence.

Passive safety features are designed to minimize the probability and degree of injury, in case the unexpected happens.

The DA40 TUNDRA offers excellent handling, stability and control, ease of operation plus structural and system redundancies, all coupled with a high degree of crashworthiness.

Standard Features and Options

Airframe & Powerplant

  • 170hp Austro Engine AE300 Jet Fuel Piston Engine
  • FADEC single lever power control
  • MT 3-blade constant speed propeller
  • All composite airframe structure
  • Multi-path lightning protection system
  • Fixed spring steel main landing gear struts
  • Adjustable pilot & co-pilot seats, 18 lbs
  • Electrically adjustable rudder pedals, 4lbs
  • Beringer wheels & brakes
  • Large 22 inch 8.5 x 6 main wheels
  • Reinforced nose gear with long stroke hydraulic damper
  • Electric flap system


  • 26g cabin and seats
  • Leather interior
  • 3-point automatic reel seat belts (all seats)
  • Adjustable rudder pedals
  • 28V power outlet
  • LED overhead cabin lights
  • Sun glare shields and canopy lining
  • LED landing and taxi lights
  • LED position and strobe lights
  • Rear baggage extension


  • Garmin G1000NXi glass cockpit with:
  • 10-inch primary flight and multifunction displays
  • GEA 71 airframe/engine interface unit
  • Dual GIA 63WAAS Com/Nav/GPS/GS/Loc
  • GMA1347 digital audio system
  • GTX 335R Mode S Transponder (ADS-B Out)
  • GRS79 AHRS
  • GDC72 digital air data computer
  • GMU44 magnetometer
  • Stdby Instruments (Attitude Indicator, Air Speed Indicator, Altimeter)
  • 406 Mhz ELT

Avionics Options

  • Garmin GDL69A satlink – XM weather & radio (subscr. req), 7 lbs
  • Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), 0 lbs
  • L-3 WX500 Stormscope, 7 lbs
  • Avidyne TAS605 Traffic Advisory System, 15 lbs
  • Jeppesen ChartView approach plates (subscr. req), 0 lbs
  • GFC-700, 24lbs
  • GFC700 AFCS, 24lbs

Airframe Options

  • Electric Air Conditioning, 90 lbs
  • Premium leather interior, 5 lbs
  • AmSafe Airbag Seatbelts, 5 lbs
  • Double Bubble canopy, 11 lbs


Specifications subject to change without notice. Always consult the Aircraft Flight Manual.


  • Max Take-Off Weight2,888 lbs
  • Max Zero Fuel Weight2,789 lbs
  • Max Landing Weight2,822 lbs
  • Standard Empty Weight11,984 lbs
  • Useful Load1904 lbs
  • Max Fuel Weight1, 2273 lbs
  • Full Fuel Payload1, 2631 lbs
  • Notes:
  • 1 Weights and Loads shown are for standard configuration. Selection of optional features may affect these weights. S/N specific Production variances can occur. 1, 2 Fuel density assumed at 7.01 lbs / USG


  • Fuel Capacity41 USG
  • Fuel, Unusable2 USG



  • Vne172 KIAS
  • Vr67 KIAS
  • Vf1 (T/O)110 KIAS
  • Vf2 (LDG)98 KIAS
  • Max Demonstrated Cross Wind25 kts

Cruise Performance

  • High Speed Cruise143 ktas @ 92 % Power / 8.4 gph (16,000 ft, ISA)
  • Economy Cruise119 ktas @ 60 % Power / 5.1 gph (16,000 ft, ISA)
  • Max Endurance19.75 hrs @ 45% Power / 4.0 gph (14,000 ft, ISA)
  • Max Range1975 nm @ 45% Power / 4.0 gph (14,000 ft, ISA)

1 No reserve.

Runway Performance

  • T/O Dist @ 2,425 lbs (grnd roll / over 50 ft obst)1,142 ft / 1,732 ft
  • T/O Dist @ MTOW (grnd roll / over 50 ft obst)1,624 ft / 2,421 ft
  • LDG Dist @ 2,425 lbs (grnd roll / over 50 ft obst)886 ft / 2,008 ft
  • LDG Dist @ MTOW (grnd roll / over 50 ft obst)1,043 ft / 2,133 ft

Climb Performance

  • 610 fpm @ 92% power16,000' Density Altitude, ISA
  • 743 fpm @ 100% power1Sea Level, ISA

1  @ 2,645 lbs


  • Certified Ceiling, Normal Ops16,400 ft

Range Map

Click the map at your departure point.
Note: Map is not for navigational purposes. Assumes no reserve, extended range tanks.

Power (%)
Altitude (ft)
Range (nm)
Time (hrs)
Speed (kts)
Fuel Flow (US gal / hr)

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