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A DV20 on display at lofty heights in a local shopping mall

Diamond Aircraft, headquartered in Wiener Neustadt (Austria), is proud to announce the start of a new partnership with another strong, hometown brand: Our Diamond DV20 Katana is now bringing a bright new sparkle to Wiener Neustadt’s biggest shopping mall Fischapark, where it’s on display at lofty heights!

Since the end of April 2023, the first DV20 (also known as the DA20 and manufactured at Diamond Aircraft Canada) of its type hangs suspended from the ceiling five-meters above a premium spot inside Fischapark. This donation on loan serves to promote both companies, by helping to increase brand awareness of Diamond as a prominent and innovative company based in the region, while providing a spectacular new highlight for the mall.

Diamond and Fischapark have previously worked together on joint projects such as exhibitions and promotional appearances, but this new partnership – which includes the signing of a new long-term cooperation agreement – brings the relationship between our two companies to a new level.

Christian Stagl, Center Manager of Fischapark, is particularly pleased with the long-running cooperation with Diamond Aircraft: "We are very proud that we have a solid partnership with such a renowned company from Wiener Neustadt and that both brands can strengthen each other as a result."

The delivery and mounting of the aircraft were an attraction in their own right, stirring excitement among visitors to the mall, who were also able to witness the impressive operation of hoisting the aircraft up to its new home. The precision and care shown by Diamond and Fischapark staff before and during the procedure stands as a testament to the dedication and professionalism of both companies.

A delegation of Diamond Aircraft Austria employees and management were delighted to hand over the DV20 to Fischapark representatives at an official event held at the mall.

“As one of the biggest employers in the region and the only aircraft manufacturer in Austria, we are proud to show this to residents of Wiener Neustadt and visitors of Fischapark,” said Liqun (Frank) Zhang, CEO Diamond Aircraft Austria. “We are happy to have a great partner in Fischapark in order to raise our brand awareness at our homebase and maybe attract the one or the other job candidate.”

This unique and impressive display is sure to become a major attraction for visitors to the mall, as well as an inspiring reminder of the creativity of local businesses.

Photo Credit: Copyright © Gergö Boda / FISCHAPARK

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