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AERO Friedrichshafen 2022: All about Diamond or why this was one of the best AERO shows ever

The popularity of AERO 2022 (Friedrichshafen, Germany, April 27 - 30) shows how indispensable face-to-face meetings are for an industry. Over 27,700 trade visitors from 75 nations flocked to the exhibition center on Lake Constance, which was almost completely booked with 633 exhibitors, during the four days of the trade show. Diamond Aircraft was represented as well and enjoyed an incredible show with an awesome display, fantastic visitors and not one, but TWO awards.

Diamond’s AERO 2022 Highlights

Our DA50 RG is a winner
Well, what else can we say if you win both of the awards that are presented at the AERO show? The fabulous DA50 RG net the Fliegermagazin Award in the category ‘Best Diesel Aircraft’ and the Aerokurier Innovation Award in the category ‘Best Piston Aircraft’. As both are reader’s choice awards, we are happy and proud as one could be! THANK YOU to each and every one for your trust in and passion for our aircraft!

The star on the display
The DA50 RG was the undisputed attraction on our AERO display. It was the first time the aircraft was presented at a major European event and it looked like that literally everyone who came to the show wanted to get at least a glimpse of this new first class single. With end of 2022 we expect approximately 40 of her in operations worldwide. Together with Continental we had great news to share on the CD-300: TBR is extended to 2,000 hrs. FAA certification is in progress and is expected for end of this year – depending on the authority. And we are looking forward to a huge US demonstration tour starting soon this year. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event.

The all-electric diamond
Of course we had our latest product in development, the eDA40 together with our battery partner Electric Power Systems as a mock-up on display. Not only did she gain a lot of interest at the show, but also we had great news to share: Our co-operation with Safran to provide the electric motor for the all-electric aircraft, the ENGINeUS™ 100 Electric Smart Motor. Certification of the electric motor is planned for mid-2023. Basic EASA certification for the eDA40 is expected with end of 2023/early 2024. First flights of the eDA40 are scheduled for end of this year. With the eDA40 we are responding to the worldwide interest and demand for electrification and decarbonization of aviation.

New look and features for the DA62 & DA42-VI
Both our newest Diamond Austria DA62 and DA42-VI demonstrators were sparkling in a brand-new exterior styling on display that many visitors came to admire. Furthermore, we presented awesome new optional features for the DA62. For new orders, a 4-seat option with a luxurious business seating in the second row will be available: two wide and comfortable seats with a multifunctional middle armrest in-between that provide storage options for each passenger’s personal items and bottle holders. Also, for new orders, you can optionally select Garmin GTS800 and Garmin GWX8000. And we are happy to soon offer Blue Level Button integration for your standard configured DA62.
New optional features available for new orders of a DA42-VI will include Garmin GTS800 and Garmin GWX75.

Meet & Greet the Diamondo crew
On the last day the show, straight from their around the world trip in a DA50 RG, Matt and Robin, the flight crew of Diamondo Earthrounding, hold a Meet & Greet at our stand. The two young pilots started their journey on 2 January and arrived back home on 22 April (Earth Day), after 220 flight hours, 33 different countries, 111 days and 58,000 km. Including an incredible long leg from Majuro to Honolulu in 13 hours and 18 minutes. The main mission of Diamondo Earthrounding’s circumnavigation was to highlight worldwide initiatives for sustainable aviation. We are proud and happy to have them back and that our DA50 RG powered by the Continental CD-300 was such a reliable and safe partner on their mission. Read more about their trip of a lifetime in our DiamondDiary.

Support GA with GAMA
It is our big pleasure that one of our employees, Mr. Christoph Genster (Chief Airworthiness Officer of Diamond Aircraft Austria) has been nominated as the official Chairman of the ASTM COMMITTEE F44 on GENERAL AVIATION AIRCRAFT at AERO. This committee consists of representatives of all major general aviation manufacturers, representatives of GAMA and other institutions of General Aviation. ASTM general aviation aircraft committee (F44) establishes technical standards for the design, manufacture, system performance, quality acceptance testing, and safety monitoring of general aviation aircraft in accordance with the certification specifications of international aviation authorities such as EASA or FAA. Christoph has been involved with the General Aviation Aircraft Committee (F44) since its inception in 2012. In recent years, he has chaired the Engine Subcommittee (F44.40), leading the innovation of traditional aviation technologies and promoting the development of new technology innovations for electric drives in general aviation, as well as providing professional support. Under Christoph's leadership, we believe that the ASTM F44 will make full use of the technical resources of the global aviation industry to guide the development of new technologies and formulate appropriate technical standards and help the global aviation industry continue to develop in terms of environmental protection, safety and convenience.

Meeting in person & selling many Diamonds
One of the biggest pleasures definitely was to meet everyone face-to-face again. One could feel that a live AERO was long overdue, and it was a blast to come back again. After such a long time of web conferences and digital events, it was simply fantastic to talk with our customers, partners, suppliers, media and all the aviation enthusiasts in person again. It was a huge pleasure to present all our achievements together with our partners and co-exhibitors Electric Power Systems and Evionica as well as our sales partners to the public. We hope to meet our #DiamondAircraftFamily soon again!

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