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Coming soon: The Story of the DA62

Ever wonder what it would feel like to open up those sleek gull-wing doors and step into a DA62? Starting this April, we bring the DA62 to you like you’ve never seen it before.

See this twin-engine, 7-seater, jet fuel powered aircraft onscreen in an exciting new Diamond video series, featuring “The Story of the DA62". 

Learn about the attractive opportunities that await you as a Diamond DA62 owner, from charter revenue, to tax advantages (in the US), to its efficient and eco-friendly jet fuel, and why the DA62 is such a safe aircraft.

The Diamond DA62 video series connects you with actual Diamond DA62 owners, real people who share their personal experiences about how the DA62 has impacted their lives. Meet the experts, the charter operators, and the test pilots, and hear from personnel behind the scenes at Diamond Aircraft in North America as they take you for a ride in the sky!

This spring, it’s your chance to experience the DA62 up close and personal, and dream about all the airports where you could land your shiny new DA62.

Stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss it!

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