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Flying High: The DA50 RG Coast-to-Coast Demonstration Tour across the USA

In a remarkable journey spanning five months, we, in collaboration with our U.S. sales partners Premier Aircraft Sales, LifeStyle Aviation and Steel Aviation, embarked on an ambitious demonstration tour with the amazing DA50 RG across the United States from coast to coast. This tour, which took place from May 6th to October 1st, showcased the capabilities of this marvelous single-engine five-seater piston aircraft and brought it directly to potential customers, allowing them to experience the pleasure of flying it firsthand.

Setting the Stage
After a super successful DA62 U.S. demonstration tour in 2016, we decided to take this unique approach again to reach out to potential buyers. Because as they say: seeing is believing! This grand plan was meticulously executed with our partners, covering 25+ stops in various states across the country.

The Tour Route
The tour was divided into four legs: In May, the journey began in Massachusetts and traveled through New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Georgia. The month of June brought the DA50 RG through North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan. As summer continued, the aircraft flew through Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and Colorado in August. Finally, in September, this beauty headed west visiting Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington.

An Amazing Experience
At each stop, the DA50 RG was the center of attention. Many potential customers, aviation enthusiasts and some media gathered to experience the aircraft up close and personal. The highlight of the tour was the opportunity to test fly it, experiencing firsthand the power, the comfort of the large luxury cabin and how easy it is to fly.

Partnerships that Soared
The success of this demonstration tour was made possible through the strong collaboration with our U.S. sales partners Premier Aircraft Sales, LifeStyle Aviation and Steel Aviation. These partnerships ensured that the tour was well-coordinated, reaching lots of possible buyers in each location. The demo pilots of our partners provided valuable insights, answered inquiries, and facilitated the test flight experience on the highest level.

Listen to our Sales Partners
"The DA50 RG North American tour was a huge success! With 30 stops total and 8,584 miles flown, the DA50 RG proved to be a true show stopper as thousands of pilots and aviation enthusiasts came to see and fly the aircraft." Patrick Meehan, Director of Marketing, LifeStyle Aviation

"The LifeStyle Aviation Team is honored to partner with Diamond Aircraft to showcase this aircraft and be the first to land the DA50 RG at 22 unique airports. We can’t wait to see hundreds of these incredible planes flying around the United States!" Sam Linton, Sales Manager, LifeStyle Aviation

“Premier Aircraft Sales was pleased we had the opportunity to showcase the DA50 RG over the last few months. We had the chance to show the plane to hundreds of people and conducted more than 100 individual introductory flights in 17 different cities. The response was encouraging with most who had the chance to fly the airplane impressed with its roomy cabin, low fuel burn, ease of operation and stunningly aggressive good looks. We look forward to receiving our own demonstrator aircraft to continue showing this incredible airplane to interested buyers.” Jeff Owen, Vice President of Sales, Premier Aircraft Sales

"50 years ago, muscle cars were all the rage... The Diamond DA50 RG nostalgically marries those looks and sounds with all the best features modern general aviation has to offer and far more economically to boot! Many thanks to Kyle Richard who come out to the tour and has graciously permitted us to use his video content he created." Justin Anderson, Sales Associate / Ferry Pilot / CSIP, Steel Aviation

A Great Success
By the time the tour concluded on 1 October, it had left an indelible mark on everyone who experienced it and helped making it happen. Our impressive DA50 RG had captured the hearts and minds of many, and numerous orders are to be expected as a result of this extensive coast-to-coast journey.

The DA50 RG demonstration tour across the USA was more than a marketing endeavor – it was a celebration of aviation innovation and a testament to our commitment to our customers. By taking our Diamond Canada demonstrator directly to the people, we have not only expanded our customer base but also showed our passion for flying. The DA50 RG has truly soared to new heights, and this unforgettable tour will be remembered as a defining moment in the history of Diamond and our U.S. sales partners.

A big THANK YOU goes out to our US Sales Partners for all their support and for the stunningly beautiful photos!

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