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Qualify for an immediate tax refund when you buy a Diamond for business use! (USA only)

Applicable in the US only - The government recently issued the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act), which allows you to deduct current year tax losses against income from a prior tax year and receive an immediate tax refund.

At Diamond Aircraft, we care about your safety and your business’ success. Ask us how you can apply the CARES Act to afford socially distanced business travel in a DA62.

About the US CARES Act

  • The recently enacted CARES Act reinstates the ability for taxpayers to deduct current year tax losses against income from a prior tax year and to receive an immediate tax refund. *)
  • A NOLCB (net operating loss carryback) allows tax payments from up to five years ago to be refunded, due to a loss incurred in the current year.
  • The CARES Act enables you to apply 100% Bonus Depreciation to assets purchased for business use.
  • This Act applies to C corporations, S corporations and LLC pass-through entities.

Get in touch with us today!
Want to own a Diamond? The DA62 with its 5 or 7 seat configuration is especially handy for business travel. You could qualify for a tax refund with the US CARES Act, and we will guide you through the final steps toward ownership, so that you can fly away with ease. Get in touch with our sales team at

*) Disclaimer: Certain conditions apply. Contact our sales team for complete details.

Experience the DA62 for Business Aviation

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