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How to fly pet-friendly in a private aircraft

Pets are members of the family. They are great for our mind, body and soul. Pets provide us with unconditional love and friendship, improve our health, make us happy or support us when we are affected by special circumstances.

Our official #DiamondAircraftDog Tito is our youngest #DiamondAircraftFamily member. He is one of our biggest stress relievers and we are just happy to be around him. Although he hasn’t travelled in one of our Diamond aircraft yet, we have already set up some guidance when the day comes and for all of you who take their pets on their planes.

Say Hello to our Chief Executive Spirit Pawfficer
Tito is a six months old English Cocker Spaniel pup who’s living his best life as Chief Executive Spirit Pawfficer in our company headquarters in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.
His flying skills are atrocious (we’re working on that) but he keeps spirits high on board and in the office. Tito’s multi-faceted role as CESP includes sleeping where- and whenever he pleases, cuddling up with our staff and being fed treats.
He’s also in charge of protecting our aircraft and defending them against the evil gophers and rabbits who are living in LOAN. He’s one of the worst listeners even though his ears are huge and the concept of personal space is non-existent to him but we could not wish for a better furry co-worker.

5 tips for pet-friendly flying in your private aircraft
One of the advantages of owning an aircraft is to provide your furry travel companion with as much comfort as possible unlike having them transported in the cargo hold of an airliner, especially when yours is not a teacup. And best of all you can have your darling around you. We want our beloved pets to travel safe and comfortable without putting too much stress on them and have put together some practical advice on what to consider when taking your pets aboard your aircraft. This list does not claim to be exhaustive and is mainly food for your thoughts. If we have missed something important, give us a shout at

#1 Timing is everything
When planning to go on a flight trip with your furry travel companion, plan well ahead. Find out as early as possible all the information you need. Depending on where you go, there may be special requirements. You might have to provide certain certificates that could take a while and could ruin your travel plans when not considered in time.
It is recommended making an appointment with your veterinarian for a general check-up and use of medication that can help your pawsenger with sickness and anxiety. In most of the cases you will not need anything, but it is good to consult your vet before. You might also consider taking part in a pet first aid course.
In the weeks before the big trip make your darling acclimated with the aircraft and securing measures you are going to take, e.g. a special crate. 

#2 Check the law
Before going on a trip with your pet, make sure you know national and international legal requirements. Depending on where you go, travel can be more complicated from a documentation perspective. Your pet might require special vaccinations and/or special paperwork and health care requirements have to be prepared.

#3 Before take-off
Before a trip we all feel a little bit anxious, even if we are not conscious about it. And so does your pet. Try to be calm around them – they will sense your anxiety – and give them loads of love and affection. Keep your pawsengers out of the hustle and bustle of packing and preparing the aircraft. Let someone take care of them, maybe taking a walk and board them as late as possible.
Give your pet a light meal and some water before take-off. A full stomach gives the body something extra to deal with and might makes them nauseated.

#4 Safety for all aboard
Safety comes first. Make sure your pet is always on a leash or in a crate on the ground and in the air. There are many ways to secure your furry travel companion: body harnesses or carriers for smaller animals that are affixed to the aircraft seat belt especially during take-off and landing. It is recommended to have your pet secured during flight as well. You do not want your pet to interfere with the pilot in command of the plane and unexpected turbulences can occur at any time.

#5 Care aboard
Put together a special pet amenity kit for your pawsenger, including blankets, favorite toys, treats, in-flight relief and everything that helps to ease stress for all on board. There are also special pet first aid kits and life vests that are good to have on hand in case it’s needed. Bring along light food and water and think of purchasing a travel-safe water bowl and litter tray.

Introduce us to your Flying Pets
Do you have a pet that goes flying with you in your Diamond aircraft? We’d love to see your beloved furry co-pilot. Send us your pictures and let us know why you love to take your pet aboard at or tag them on your social media account with #DiamondAircraftDogs to get featured in one of our next #DiamondDiary entries or on our social media accounts. Of course, we are happy to see all your pets, not just dogs. We love all pets.

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