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Learn the smart way! Computer-based training with Diamond & Evionica: Your advantages and Q&A

November 2021, we announced our Diamond Smart Aircraft Experience program in cooperation with EVIONICA, an innovative flight training and operations software provider, in order to bring the Diamond Training Experience to a new level. Learn how this CBT (Computer-Based Training) can help you and your business.

A safer aviation

The primary objective in aviation always is a safe flight, for which mainly the pilot is responsible for. To achieve this, it is important to be familiar with the type of aircraft you are flying and to be current with all procedures. The OEM’s/operator’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) provide step-by-step instructions for the optimum use of the aircraft. SOP’s only work in combination with a comprehensive system knowledge. System knowledge is usually gained in theory courses and practical trainings at flight schools. As for the theory part, CBT e-learning can play a vital role with interactive and visually appealing training options, that significantly improve the learning progress and training results.

Smart advantages for Flight Training Institutions

  • All CBT theory courses are provided by one vendor, allowing you to manage and optimize your trainings in one place – Evionica’s LMS platform
  • Provides an easy and quick reporting, progress tracking and communication tool, allowing your instructors to save time and do more flying hours.
  • Possibility to add your own courses and easy way to give access for new instructors and students.
  • For implementation and support you will have a dedicated Customer Success Team on your side.
  • Digital administration - paperless process significantly reduces formalities (e.g. attendance list)
  • The flexibility of remote teaching – saving instructors’ time and giving students the flexibility to learn whenever they want.
  • You can scale your number of students and courses: online learning is more affordable for students and cost effective for you.
  • Supporting materials specially dedicated to instructors’ training in classrooms for license trainings (PPL, CPL, ATPL), are available through the LMS platform. Each module of the course has an additional presentation as a complementary tool. Instructors can use them during onsite classes and save time for preparations.

“Evionica’s team is doing a great job and support LAT very well especially in nowadays digitalization trend.” Christian Stock, Head of Training, Lufthansa Aviation Training Pilot Academy

Smart advantages for Pilots

  • An easy way to refresh your knowledge and make your flying safer.
  • Highly intuitive, interactive and visually attractive educational material that improves your learning progress and training results.
  • Learn at your own pace and at a convenient time which positively influences memorizing theory material.
  • Flexibility: access the course at your desirable location saves you travel time and costs.
  • The courses are available online and offline and on all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).
  • Class Rating CBT prepares you for the CBT usage of intensive Type Rating Courses.

"I fly a DA42 VI weekly to and from work 200 miles away through challenging climate zones flying IFR always with frequent use of De-Ice and ILS/RNAV approaches. The plane is great to fly with much of the work load taken up by the electronic control systems. However, this puts knowledge of the information from the plane at a premium. I am very happy with EVIONICA's DA 42 VI CBT which keeps me up to date with the pilot/plane interaction. This makes flying in difficult weather much more confident and secure and makes flying safer." John Reynolds – pilot-student from USA


Which aircraft types are available for the Diamond CBT?
The Diamond Smart Aircraft Experience program currently features DA42-VI, DA42 TDI, DA40 NG, DA40 TDI, DA20-C1 and DA20-A1.

Will there be additional aircraft types available in the future? If yes, which and when?
Evionica and Diamond are currently checking if there could be options to include DA62 and DA50 RG.

Which topics are covered in the Diamond CBT?
A wide array of topics is covered within the Diamond CBT:

  • General Information
  • Airframe
  • Flight Controls
  • Instrument Panel
  • Landing Gear
  • Seats and Safety Harnesses
  • Baggage Compartment
  • Canopy
  • Power
  • Electrical System
  • Pitot-Static System
  • Stall Warning System
  • Ice Protection System
  • Garmin G1000
  • Autopilot System
  • Operating Limitations
  • Airplane Handling, Care and Maintenance
  • Mass and Balance
  • Performance

Where do I get access to the Diamond CBT courses?
Flight Training Institutions
deciding to work with Evionica will receive a dedicated system environment and an assigned Evionica Customer Success Colleague will guide and support them during implementation. After successful implementation, the flight school will be able to administer their tailored platform on their own.
Individuals get access through buying the respective CBT in the Evionica webshop and will get the further details by email.
Evionica LMS Application is available in offline mode and in Apple Store as well as Google Play.

How long do the Diamond Aircraft CBT courses last?
On average one course lasts about 12.5 hours.

How much are the CBT courses and how long will I have access to them?
Individuals can choose between 30-day, 60-day or 90-day access according to their individual requirements. CBT’s start at 159 EUR gross (129 EUR net). Access for flight schools depend on their individual training needs.

What additional training courses you may purchase beyond class ratings for Diamond?
Besides the specific Diamond Smart Aircraft Training program, Evionica offers a comprehensive Flight School Package, which covers all theory training needs, allowing students to gain solid knowledge to possess the desirable type of license and rating – from Private Pilot License up to frozen Airline Transport Pilot License. Evionica’s CBT portfolio consists of:

  • ATPL(A)
  • CPL 
  • PPL
  • CBIR
  • BIR
  • IR
  • HPA
  • UPRT
  • PBN
  • NVFR
  • MEP
  • A320 Systems Training 
  • General Subjects (e.g. TCAS, Cold Weather Operations) and more

Are Evionica CBT courses different to other similar products on the market?
Evionica is providing the next generation e-learning experience designed for pilot training. Their courses are highly interactive and offer stunning and realistic visuals, which highly improve the learning progress, student satisfaction rate and training results. Together with intuitive LMS platform and gamification techniques Evionica’s CBT allow for effective learning and training. The company also provide their partners with options for customization and Pay-per-User models that support their needs in a dynamically changing business environment.

Further Questions

If you have any questions, would like to request demo or online presentation, visit or contact them directly by phone: +48 507 787 737 or e-mail: Get the latest news and up-to-date information about Evionica’s constantly growing CBT courses portfolio by following them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

About Evionica

Evionica was founded and is led by Mateusz Godun, an aviation focused entrepreneur, who has over 15 years of experience in aviation and software development. As a graduate from Aerospace Engineering, he has been deeply passionate about new technologies in aviation. He holds an ATPL frozen license and is an accredited certifying instructor for airline pilots and load controllers. Currently Evionica is a multinational team of 80+ people, with international experience in aviation training, engineering, design, technology, sales and business administration. The culture of Evionica is built on a deep passion for aviation, advanced technical knowledge, and strong team collaboration. The company wants satisfied clients that say, that Evionica - while providing tailor-made and forward-thinking training solutions – really is making a difference in aviation by moving it forward. The company is a proud partner of flight schools and approved training organizations from around the world, like: Lufthansa Aviation Training, Gulf Aviation Academy, Skyborne, Urbe Aero, FlyCoop, Malev Aero Club and many more.

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