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We got some product updates for you!

You like your Diamond with Beringer wheels and brakes? Are there Diamonds with preheat systems? And, what’s the status on the Garmin G1000 NXi Phase III? We have written this blog post to give you some answers.

Beringer wheels and brakes for your Diamond

Beringer wheels and brakes are designed to provide the best stopping power and the reliability you are expecting from a safe braking system. So, we understand you like your Diamond with Beringer.

That’s why the Beringer tubeless wheels and brakes are globally available for newly ordered DA42-VI and in selected regions for the DA62 and DA40 NG in a designated color: black for the DA62 and DA42-VI, red for the DA40 NG.

You already own a DA62, DA42-VI or DA40 NG or have one on order and want to retrofit it with Beringer? Please ask your sales contact or Diamond sales partner for your region if your aircraft is retrofittable.

Preheat your Diamond with TANIS

A Tanis multi-point preheat system will thoroughly heat-soak your engine. To further improve the efficiency of starting your engine at cold temperatures, the Tanis preheat system is optionally available for newly ordered Austro Engine powered DA62, DA42-VI and DA40 NG in the EASA and FAA region. If you want to know if the DA62, DA42-VI or DA40 NG you have on order or already own can be retrofitted, please get in touch with your sales contact or Diamond sales partner for your region.

Garmin G1000 NXi Phase III status update for your Diamond

Currently we are working on the upcoming Garmin G1000 NXi Phase III software update availability and features, that will allow that new aircraft can be ordered with:

  • GTS 800 (DA40 NG, DA40 XLT, DA42-VI, DA50 RG, DA62)
  • GWX75 (DA42-VI, DA62)
  • GWX8000 (DA62)
  • Blue Level Button (DA40 NG, DA40 XLT, DA50 RG, DA62)
  • Surface Watch (DA40 NG, DA40 XLT, DA42-VI, DA50 RG, DA62)
  • As well as additional airframe specific features

For the DA42-VI and DA50 RG, Phase III is already available, except for the GTS 800 which is expected soon. As things currently stand, we are aiming to complete Garmin G1000 NXi Phase III implementation for all applicable airframes within the end of Q2/2023.

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