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50 Diamond aircraft in the Russian sky

On 11 November the first 50 Diamond Aircraft DA40 Tundra Star in Russian-Austrian co-production were presented in Yekaterinburg (Ural).

Together with UWCA (Ural Works of Civil Aviation) Diamond Aircraft succeeded in producing 50 units of the single-engine, four-seater airplane DA40 Tundra Star within half a year. This is the first part-delivery from a total order of 117 aircraft for the Russian Ministry of Aviation.

Even Denis Manturov, trade and industry minister Russian Federation, took a look at the airplanes. As a helicopter pilot deeply impressed, he decided to start his private pilot licence (PPL) for aircraft on a Diamond plane.

The DA40 Tundra Stars will go into operation at the state flight training schools in Ulyanovsk and St. Petersburg with the beginning of 2014.

The Russian Federal Agency for Civil Aviation, represented by Alexander Neradko (Director General Rosavia), was highly satisfied with the results.

The DA40 Tundra Star was especially designed for the Russian market. The aircraft fulfils the strict regulations regarding landing on rough terrain and harsh climate and is already a bestseller. Able to fly with kerosene it can be refuelled with different kinds of fuel like Jet A-1, Jet A, and TC-1.

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