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Angelina Jolie takes flying lessons on a Diamond Aircraft DA42

A private departure for a passenger flight from Blackbushe Airport on the 23rd of September turned into a media circus.

Angelina Jolie with her son Maddox took the opportunity to combine some essential business related matters with taking some flying lessons on the elegant Austro engined (AE300) DA42 as several cars full of paparazzi with their attendant cameras arrived.

Ms Jolie’s flight has been carefully organised by Diamond Executive Aviation (DEA), a UK-based company that offers charter flights on the DA42, in great secrecy, or so they thought.

Commanded by Chris Dawes, a senior line training captain with DEA, the Diamond Aircraft DA42 lifted of early afternoon for an undisclosed destination with Ms Jolie and son Maddox aboard.

As the pictures do show, Ms Jolie, who holds a private pilot licence (PPL), certainly enjoyed flying Diamond’s DA42.

For pictures please visit:
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Anita Lentsch, BA

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