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Austro Engine AE300 receives EASA certificate for 1,800 hour TBO

After having produced the 1,000th AE300 engine in December 2014, Austro Engine is now proud to announce that the AE300’s TBO (Time between Overhaul) has been increased to 1,800 hours.

Jürgen Heinrich, Austro Engine CEO: “Having reached a TBO of 1,800 hours sets entirely new market standards in terms of operational efficiency and directly reflects the high reliability of the engine. This milestone may be inferred to long-term meticulous efforts of Austro Engine’s engineering as well as the passionate work of the entire fleet support structure and lead customers.”

The 170hp AE300 is Austro Engine’s leading Jet A1 piston engine in General Aviation. More than 500,000 flight hours have proven the power plant’s reliability and endurance, the highest performance and efficiency compared to other products in this field.

At equal power the engine has a 45 % lower fuel burn than conventional piston aircraft engines running on AvGas. It produces significantly less exhaust emissions and is exceptionally silent. Mean time between failure exceeds by far the standard of general aviation piston engines.

Christian Dries, CEO Diamond Aircraft: “If you fly in real bad weather conditions somewhere over the mountains it is good to know to have two engines on your plane you can rely on.”

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