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Austro Engine and Liqui Moly teamed up for the future

Austro Engine and Liqui Moli jointly developed a special engine oil, which meets, and fulfills the high requirements of the Austro Engine  AE300 and AE330 jet fuel engine series.

In future Austro Engine will use the LIQUI MOLY AUSTRO ENGINE AERO 5-W40 oil for the initial filling of all new and overhauled engines of the AE300 and AE330 series. Diamond Aircraft’s DA40 NG, DA42-VI and the new DA62 are powered by these powerplants.

In aviation too, every combustion engine is subject to abrasion. Both companies have been focusing on minimizing this abrasion to increase the safety and lifetime. The AERO product line of LIQUI MOLY is specifically developed for General Aviation. Attention to minimum abrasion and friction, optimized lubrication and higher engine cleanliness were the highest priorities for the development of the high performance oil.

The new AUSTRO ENGINE AERO Oil will be distributed worldwide by Austro Engine and MM aeronautical & automotive affairs GmbH/Austria.

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