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Austro Engine and Steyr Motors announce joint Development of 6 Cylinder Aircraft Engine

On March 2nd, 2011 two of Austria’s key engine development companies, Austro Engine and STEYR MOTORS, signed a cooperation agreement to develop a 280 hp 6 cylinder aircraft engine.  This development will be based on the STEYR Monoblock Motor M1, featuring integral crankcase and cylinder head, which has proven its robustness in demanding worldwide marine and special vehicle applications. 

Austro Engine is developing this engine for two important Diamond Aircraft development projects, the DA50 Magnum (single engine 5 seat private aircraft) and the FSA (Future Small Aircraft) twin engine private and utility aircraft.  Development, certification and production of these programs will take place at Austro Engine's Wiener Neustadt facility.  This program launch marks yet another milestone on the way to leadership in the area of multi-spec Jet-fuel aviation piston powerplants.

For STEYR MOTORS, this cooperation is further validation of the M1 concept whose hallmarks are favorable power to weight ratio, operational safety, economy and minimized environmental impact.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Streicher, STEYR MOTORS’ shareholder representative, said: „Following our successes in the marine and special vehicle sectors, we are especially pleased that our M1 concept will now also find applications in aviation.  With Austro Engine, we have gained an especially competent and innovative Partner.”    

“With the expansion of our product line, Austro Engine will further solidify its position as a producer of powerful, fuel efficient and environmentally responsible aviation piston powerplants.  The co-operation with STEYR is not only relevant to our Austrian operation, but a further step in our company becoming a market and technology leader”, said Christian Dries. 

Founded in 2007, Austro Engine GmbH develops and produces state-of-the-art rotary (“Wankel”) engines and Jet-fuel piston aviation engines for civilian and strategic applications. 

STEYR MOTORS GmbH is the diesel engine specialist that emerged from the former Steyr-Daimler-Puch group.  Decades of specialized development experience and production of diesel engines for all types of commercial and military vehicles culminated in the successful development of the Steyr M1 Monoblock engine family.   

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