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Austro Engine earns 2016 Aerokurier Innovation Award for Best Powerplant

Austro Engine is honored to have received the 2016 Aerokurier Innovation Award for our AE300, as the best new powerplant, at this year’s AERO Friedrichshafen.

The well proven turbo charged AE300 170 hp jet fuel piston engine, in service in Diamond Aircraft’s DA40 and DA42 since 2009, offers low specific fuel consumption and has a TBO of 1,800 hours. At equal power the engine has a 45 % lower fuel burn than conventional piston aircraft engines running on AvGas. It produces significantly less exhaust emissions and is exceptionally silent. Mean time between failure exceeds by far the standard of general aviation piston engines.

With over 1,200 engines in service and a total fleet time of over 600,000 hrs, the AE300 has proven itself to be reliable and efficient. Control is jet-engine simple, with each engine / propeller combination controlled by a single power lever and power settings displayed in % power.

More about the Aerokurier Award Ceremony:
<link http: general-aviation gewinner-aerokurier-innovation-award-2016>

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