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Brasil receives first DA42 New Generation

The DA42 NG equipped with Austro Engine Jet A1 piston engines for “Diamond do Brasil” was ferried within 63 flight hours plus Atlantic crossing to Sao Paulo.

Martin Scherrer, “Diamond Airborne Sensing” chief pilot, flew the 9,318 miles from Diamond’s headquarters in Austria to “Diamond do Brasil”, located in Sao Paulo, with several stops: Wr. Neustadt, Austria -  Dortmund, Germany – Wick, Scotland – Reykjavik, Iceland – Narsarsuaq, Greenland – Goose Bay, Sept Iles und Sherbrooke, Canada – Manassas, VA, USA – Melbourne, FL, USA – Nassau, Bahamas – La Romana, Dom. Republic – Sankt Maarten, Netherlands Antilles – Port of Spain, Trinidad/Tobago – Cayenne-Rochambeau, French Guiana – Macapa, Belem, Palmas, Uberlandia, Jun Diaí und Sao Paulo, Brasil.

“Even in the Caribbean, well known for dangerous thunderstorm cells, in the cockpit of a DA42 NG I had nothing to worry about”, says Martin Scherrer. “As the aircraft has storm scope, de-icing and oxygen system on board, I could easily circuit them.” With the highly fuel efficient plane long flight distances over water are possible without special ferry tanks.

Since 2007 “Diamond do Brasil” is preparing the Brasilian market for Diamond airplanes and is now able to care about maintenance, guarantees and after sales service independently. With the certification of the DA42 NG and DA42 MPP NG by the Brasilian aeronautical authority ANAC (Agencia Nacional de Aviacao Civil) this April, they want to continue Diamond’s path of success in Brasil.

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