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Civil Aviation University of China signed a purchase agreement of 40 DA40 and 10 DA42

On July 1, 2008, at a ceremony in Beijing, the Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) signed a purchase agreement with Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH/Shandong Bin Ao for the purchase of 40 DA40 and 10 DA42 aircraft. The aircraft, manufactured in Austria, Canada and China, are among the finest general aviation aircraft in the world.

In China, the DA40 and DA42 aircraft are primarily used for commercial pilot training and Diamonds are found in more Chinese commercial pilot training centers than any other brand. The CAUC’s new training school in Chaoyang, scheduled to open this fall, is the fifth school in China to choose Diamond for their flight training programs.

The CAUC has long been a leader in aviation training and the addition of its own in-house flight training will make it one of the leading aviation training powerhouses not only in China, but throughout the world. With its close association to Diamond’s Shandong Bin Ao manufacturing facility in Binzhou, both from a business and geographic perspective, CAUC will benefit from nearby factory support.

The ceremony marked the start of a long-term cooperation between the university and Diamond/Shandong Bin Ao. Diamond/Shandong Bin Ao recognizes the CAUC’s preeminent position in Chinese aviation training and is proud to be a part of the university’s training effort. Not only will the Bin Ao facility support CAUC in its training mission through aircraft and technical support, but also through the establishment of the first ever scholarship sponsored by a general aviation manufacturer in China.

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