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DA42 MPP - another project from Diamond

The twin-engine DA42 Twin Star (EASA-certification had just been issued in May 2004) is the focal point of another project of Diamond Aircraft Industries. A new version, called DA42 MPP (Multi Purpose Platform) is being developed and will feature the latest tracking and sensor technology. The first high-tech camera system from the company UOMZ, located in Ekatharinenburg, Ural, Russia (<link http:>, has already arrived for installation and testing in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

The camera can be used for observation purposes such as nature-, traffic- and border-monitoring as well as for television coverage, and it features an infra-red and two optical cameras. The infra-red camera is suited for monitoring at night or in bad weather. The system stabilizes its electronic picture on its own and tracks its aim automatically and autonomously. The twin-engine DA42 Twin Star is an efficient solution for media and government organizations, because it- is extremely low-priced,
- has excellent fuel-economy,
- and therefore allows long flights, and that in any weather.The pickup from Russia was conducted with the Diamond Aircraft-owned Pilatus PC12, which covered the distance from Samara, Russia to Wiener Neustadt, Austria [1.340 NM (2.482 km)] non-stop in 6,5 hours.

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