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DA42 Twin Star Inbound!

Diamond's exciting new DA42 Twin Star has arrived at the London Ontario factory on its way to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for its North American debut at EAA AirVenture.

The Twin Star left Diamond's Wiener Neustadt factory on Tuesday July 20th and arrived in London Ontario Thursday evening. Total flight time was just under 28 hours and the route included stops in Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, Nunavut and northern Quebec. The last nonstop leg from Kuujjuaq Quebec to London Ontario, battling extreme headwinds, took 7 hrs 45 minutes over a distance of over 1100 nautical miles. Total fuel burn for the 4508 nm transatlantic trip from Wiener Neustadt to London was a remarkable 312 gallons of Jet-A1, for an average fuel burn of 5.6 gph/engine. Maximum altitude was 20,000 ft.

Below, Christian Dries, CEO, greets pilot Gerard Guillaumaud on arrival at the Diamond Flight Centre. Mr. Dries had followed the DA42 Twin Star in his King Air 200. Mr. Guillaumaud reported that “This is the aircraft to do such a long trip. It was very comfortable and quiet with little vibration.

The DA42 Twin Star (EASA certification was handed in May 2004 at the Berlin Airshow) can be seen at the Diamond Aircraft display at <link http:>EAA Airventure, July 27th through August 2nd.

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