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DA42 Twin Star receives Flying Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award

DA42 Twin Star continues to collect awards.

Flying magazine has selected the Diamond DA42 for its 2006 Editor’s Choice Award. It had also been named Airplane of the Year
2006 by Aviation Consumer magazine, and has previously received the Robb Report’s Best of the Best award, and Popular
Science magazine’s Top 100 Technology Innovation award.
The February issue of Flying magazine states “The first all-new piston twin design in more than 20 years features outstanding
speed and efficiency on very modest power thanks to its glider-inspired wing that chops drag, and its super fuel-efficient diesel
engines... Like other Diamond airplanes, the Twin Star is made from composites allowing for an exotic shape with a roomy fourseat
cabin that quickly narrows to an incredibly small tail cone. The Twin Star can stay aloft for more than five hours with full tanks
and power set at maximum cruise, and still carry over 660 pounds of payload. For being first in the modern era to use diesel
power in a production airplane, and for reviving the light twin concept, Flying makes the Diamond Twin Star an Editor’s Choice
for 2006.Diamond’s DA42 offers twin engine safety with the ease of operation, acquisition and operating costs of high performance
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