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DA42NG equipped with Austro Engine has completed its 8,000 NM long “High and Hot Performance Tour 2009" through East Africa

The DA42NG, piloted by Martin Richter, Leading Serial Production Pilot and Thomas Bolt, Diamond’s East Africa representative started from Wiener Neustadt via Dubai, where it was exhibited at the Dubai International Airshow, to its East Africa Demo Tour four weeks ago. Four weeks later they have completed 8,000 NM and have flown 80 hrs (including Demoflights) and have performed the long range flights on power settings between 50% - 70% at speeds ranging from 135 to 160 KTAS.

The scope of the Demo Tour has been to test the performance of the aircraft on long haul flights in severe conditions and to present the aircraft to several governmental institutions and Airline Flight Training organizations (FTO) in Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan. All these countries have one thing in common, which is the lack of AVGAS-availability. Due to this resource scarcity and the ability of the DA42NG, which is operated with Kerosene/Jet A1, is the ideal aircraft for multi engine training for these organizations. Putting this in numbers in a cost-benefit-analysis for East African operators, it shows enormous savings in operation: The Austro Engine performs with 4.2 gal/hr Jet A1 at 50% cruise, thus ensuring these operational costs in East Africa, where AVGAS is hardly available and costs 4 to 5 times more than Jet A1, lead to enormous savings compared with the alternatives within shortest time.

Additionally the customer’s focus in all these countries was laid on the performance of the new Austro Engine in high and hot situations as well as OEI (one engine inoperable) situations. The test flights showed that even in 12,000 feet and with extended gears OEI climb rates of more than 200 ft/min were ensured and the engines had 100% power available through the EECU controlled turbocharged system.

Based on the signed MOU’s (Memorandum of Understanding) more than 22 aircraft are expected to delivered in this region in 2010.

Diamond Aircraft is the biggest manufacturer worldwide of full composite aircraft with factories in Austria, Canada and China, ranging from the economical 2 seat DV20 Katana, now again available, to the 4 seat DA40 single and DA42 twin, both available with turbo-diesel engines. Diamond also produces certified high fidelity model specific flight training devices. For more information on Diamond Aircraft, visit <link http:>

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