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DA62 MPP heading North

Andøya Space AS from Norway took delivery of a new DA62 MPP on July 21st at Andøya Airport.

After a successful two-weeks flight trial back in 2019, Andøya Space realized the outstanding capabilities of Diamond Special Mission Aircraft and hence ordered one DA62 MPP for their own operations. The DA62 MPP is equipped with a customized state-of-the-art mission system, that allows Andøya Space to conduct their missions in the most efficient manner.

Fredrik Pedersen, Project Manager Andøya Space said: “Back in 2019 Andøya Space started researching into a procurement of a manned aircraft and completed a feasibility study that resulted in the order for a factory new DA62 MPP in the end of 2020. The aircraft got already delivered in July 2021. The DA62 MPP will support all of Andøya Space´s business areas within research, development and experimentation in the years forward. The DA62 MPP is a flexible, high modular and cost-efficient platform that is able to support a large variety of applications.”

“This project was a full success from the very beginning. The trial in 2019 proved that our aircraft are best suited for the mission profile of Andøya Space due to their efficiency as well as the small logistical footprint at such a remote area. The delivery of the DA62 MPP makes Andøya Space  more independent from hiring third party aircraft for their missions and hence increases their flexibility a lot. The modular set-up of the mission system allows upgrades with additional sensor capability whenever needed”, said Mario Spiegel, Sales Manager of Diamond Aircraft Industries Special Mission Aircraft Division.

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