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Diamond 2006 deliveries up 33%

Diamond Aircraft delivered 33% more aircraft in 2006 than in 2005. By comparison, the industry-wide increase for piston engine aircraft sales in 2006 was 11.6%, according to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

“Diamond has sustained this level of growth over the last 5 years,reported Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft. “The production ramp-up of new models like our DA42 Twin Star and DA40 Diamond Star, in combination with continued popularity of our existing models continues to fuel this growth. There are several factors that ensure continued success for Diamond, specifically offering a complete product line, continued technological innovation and expansion into non traditional markets. Whether for personal, business or flight training use, no other manufacturer offers a comparable range of modern technology aircraft, from our economic 2 seater through 4 seat singles and twins, including complementary full cockpit flight training simulators. We are committed to providing a higher level of performance, capability, safety and efficiency in our market segments through continued innovation in avionic, airframe and propulsion technology, including bringing jet propulsion to private pilots with the class defining D-JET.

For information on Diamond Aircraft:
International: +43 2622 26700 or visit <link http:>
North America: +1 888-359-3220 or visit <link http:>

For information on GAMA, visit <link http:>

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