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Diamond Aircraft achieved two major EASA and FAA certification milestones

In the last quarter of 2021, Diamond Aircraft’s design team could achieve two major certification milestones on the DA62 MPP platform, both very important for Diamond’s Special Mission Aircraft’s business development plan.

Based on the EASA type certificate, EASA.IM.A.629, revision ”n” of STC 62-001 certifies the BR-700 Pod – Module M180. The BR-700 (Belly Radome) will be delivered to customer with following specifications:

  • Theoretical max. volume for mission equipment is 210 liters
  • BR-700 net weight is 15 kg
  • Max. total weight for entire installation is 35 kg
  • Performance Penalty Counts 55 according to AFM Supplement
  • With a pod outside dimension of 700 mm it has been designed to carry diameter 600 mm radar antenna systems.
  • White and matte gray color available

Mathias Hutterer, Head of Engineering & Ops, Special Mission Aircraft Division at Diamond Aircraft Austria: “With the development of the BR-700, a further achievement in the direction of comprehensive platform performance was reached. The challenge of creating a high-performance radome made from low-loss material and with excellent radiation characteristics in an aerodynamic shape was met within only nine months, EASA approval included. This would not have been possible without the spirit for innovation at Diamond Aircraft.”

Another big milestone for Diamond’s US sales strategy, in cooperation with Air Bear, is the FAA validation of the two EASA STCs, STC62-001 (Basis MPP Options) as well as 62-002 (Single Seat Concept). The STC 62-001 includes following Module Supplemental AMM Doc. No. 7.02.25-M00, M20, M30, M50, M70, M80, M90, M130, M180*).

Those two approved changes enable Diamond Aircraft to deliver fully integrated and certified mission equipment with an Export Certificate of Airworthiness to the US market.

*validation to be applied by Diamond Aircraft with FAA.

Mario Spiegel, Sales Manager, Special Mission Aircraft Division at Diamond Aircraft Austria: “The FAA validation of the DA62 MPP STCs is the answer to the huge interest we are seeing in the US for this aircraft. Over the past twelve months, together with our US dealer Air Bear Tactical Aircraft, we collected a considerable list of potential buyers, especially from the Airborne Law Enforcement sector. The fact that the DA62 MPP is now fully certified in the US will certainly support our efforts. The next big milestone of our US campaign is an extensive demo tour with a role equipped DA62 MPP across the US, in summer 2022. During this demo tour potential clients can get firsthand experience on how efficient and user-friendly a state-of-the-art surveillance plane can actually be.”

Gary Bushouse, Director of Business Development for Air Bear Tactical Aircraft stated “this is a tremendous achievement for the DA62 MPP program. The DA62 is a revolutionary aircraft which brings the combination of high capabilities and low operating costs to surveillance/survey operators with its outstanding value proposition.  Bushouse continues, “we are simply amazed at the enthusiasm we’ve received from the marketplace and now that the MPP STC’s are FAA certified, the sky is indeed the limit”.

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