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Diamond Airborne Sensing and SCOTTY present Satcom Surveillance Platform for Aircraft at IDEX 2007

Wiener Neustadt, Austria
February, 5 2007

Live video and data communication enabled in small aircraft – this was the successful result of a development programme between Diamond Airborne Sensing and the SCOTTY Group. SCOTTY has implemented a lightweight version of their air-to-ground video and data suite in a twin-engine Diamond DA42 Multi-Purpose Platform (MPP) aircraft

After closing an exclusive agreement to offer their equipment together, Diamond Airborne Sensing and SCOTTY Group Austria will present their Satcom Surveillance Platform at IDEX 2007 (<link http:> in stand number B615 located in the Austrian Pavilion. Visitors at the stand will have the unique opportunity to witness a live video connection from a DA42 MPP plane flying over Austria – directly transmitted through satcom to the show floor.

The fully equipped DA42 MPP operates in all weather conditions and at a wide range of speeds, from a minimum of 75 kts to a maximum of 152 kts (IAS ). In monitoring mode the aircraft can fly for up to 12,5 hours without refuelling and it can operate on jet fuel as well as normal petrol station diesel. In passive surveillance missions, the operating noise of the DA42 MPP is not noticeable when flying at an altitude of 300m in a normal ambient noise level environment.

A version of SCOTTY’s Aero Mission Gear weighing 47 kg compared with the 102 kg of the CH-53 unit is installed in the luggage compartment of the DA42 MPP along with an EMS Satcom HSD-400 Swift 64 terminal and offers secure audio, video, and data communication through satcom at up to 256 kbps from a flying aircraft. Completing the system are an Omnipless mechanically steered high-gain antenna mounted on the spine of the aircraft, a Denel Optronics under-nose turret containing forward-looking infra-red (FLIR) and visible-light video cameras, and two operator screens in the rear of the passenger compartment. The aircraft is specially fitted with an outboard muffler that further reduces noise and infrared emissions.

The use of Inmarsat to transmit video imagery from aircraft to ground command centres has been confined to expensive converted business jets, large turboprops and heavy helicopters. Now, the cooperation with Diamond Airborne Sensing proves that live video surveillance can be realized in much smaller aircraft. The live video demonstrations are supported by Stratos and will take place every day at 15.00 at the SCOTTY/Diamond stand (Austrian Pavilion, B615).


Kathryn L. Strachan
Diamond Airborne Sensing GmbH
Tel. +43 (0) 2622 26700 183

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