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Diamond Airborne Sensing obtained Certification for the DA42 MPP for its Laser Scanning Configuration

This achievement is a big milestone for the surveying community. From now on it is possible to purchase a turn-key solution for airborne laser scanning (off the shelf). The company Diamond Airborne Sensing, a 100 % daughter of Diamond Aircraft Industries already has many customers waiting for their aircraft. Deliveries start in 2008.

The certified belly pod design is able to carry different sensor equipment up to100 kg. The scope of the delivery can be up to a dual RIEGL – laser scanners combined with a mid-size mapping camera, including operator training, pilot and post processing personnel and software.

Other DA42 MPP turn-key solutions for surveying and surveillance applications, housing sensor equipment in different nose payload pods, are soon to come. 

Please find more information about the laser scanning system <link fileadmin uploads news laser_scanning.pdf download>here.

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