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Diamond Aircraft and Vexcel Imaging strengthen cooperation in special mission aircraft applications

Diamond Aircraft and Vexcel Imaging announce the next collaboration for a further expansion of Diamond’s special mission aircraft state-of-the-art sensor portfolio.

At the Intergeo event 2023, Vexcel Imaging introduced the UltraCam Dragon 4.1, the market's most advanced, progressively designed, and seamlessly integrated hybrid aerial mapping system. Designed for high-resolution mapping of complex urban environments and the creation of precise digital twins, the UltraCam Dragon combines the very best in imaging and LiDAR technologies for maximum collection productivity, high-accuracy and improved target coverage.


“Diamond Aircraft and Vexcel Imaging have been enjoying a successful business partnership since many years with both companies being at the forefront in their business fields,” says Mario Spiegel, Sales Manager Diamond Aircraft Special Mission Aircraft Division. “So, it was only logical that we would also work together on the integration of the new UltraCam Dragon 4.1 on our DA62 MPP SurveyStar platform.”


The new Dragon 4.1 system will not be available until summer 2024, but to offer the new DA62 MPP turnkey solution to Diamond Aircraft’s special mission aircraft customers as quickly as possible, the test program will take place in the coming months.


Alexander Wiechert, CEO Vexcel Imaging: “The collaboration between Vexcel and Diamond Aircraft is a testament to our shared dedication to excellence. Integrating the UltraCam Dragon 4.1 into the DA62 MPP is another key step in a journey towards redefining the understanding of complex environments with the market’s most advanced hybrid aerial mapping system. Our teams are focused on ensuring that this integration is smooth, efficient, and, most importantly, beneficial to our customers. By ensuring that this advanced system is ready for immediate use upon availability, we are directly supporting our customers in managing their demanding schedules effectively. This integration is more than a technological advancement; it's a tailored solution designed to empower our clients with immediacy and precision in their endeavors."


About the DA62 MPP

The DA62 MPP is the latest variant of Diamond Aircraft’s successful Special Mission Aircraft portfolio. The all-carbon-fibre, twin-engine aircraft is equipped with a state-of-the-art glass cockpit and a fully integrated autopilot. It is powered by two turbo charged jet-fuel engines with superb fuel efficiency. The carbon fibre material provides for unlimited airframe life and is not subject to corrosion, even when operated in saline and humid environments. Together, fuel efficiency and the unlimited airframe life combine for extremely low direct operating costs, making the DA62 MPP the most cost-efficient Special Mission Aircraft in its class. To learn more about the DA62 MPP capabilities, please visit:


About Diamond Aircraft’s Special Mission Concept
Like no other special mission aircraft supplier, Diamond Aircraft has taken its special mission concept into a 360° turnkey solution: one single point of contact. The special mission turnkey solutions comprise a cost-efficient fixed wing remote sensing Diamond Aircraft platform, airborne sensors, data-links, ground stations, global support, spare parts, tooling, transport as well as the corresponding pilot, operator and maintenance training. To find out more, please visit:


For more information about Vexcel Imaging GmbH, please visit:

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