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Diamond Aircraft Austria to offer Centurion 2.0s upgrade to DA42 TDI owners and operators

Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH (Diamond Austria) will include Centurion 2.0s engines in the existing DA42 type certificate, offering TDI owners and operators the possibility to upgrade from their 135 hp Centurion 1.7 and 2.0 engines, up to a 155 hp 2.0s.

With this program Diamond Austria supports an existing fleet of over 500 Centurion equipped DA42 aircraft as an additional alternative to the current conversion program. Both DA42 TDI and DA40 TDI aircraft can be retrofitted with the Centurion 2.0s kit. Centurion engines are produced by German-based Technify Motors GmbH (TMG), part of the Continental Motors Group, a division of AVIC International Holding Corporation (previously known as Thielert).

European certification is expected in July 2014. North American validation is planned but pending on demand.

”It is important to offer our existing TDI customers satisfying possibilities for an upgrade”, says Christian Dries, Diamond Austria CEO. “DA42 TDI owners now can choose between the original 135 hp Centurion, the 155 hp Centurion 2.0s performance upgrade, the top of the line 170 hp Austro Engine, or even the conventional gasoline Lycoming option.”

”We are pleased with Diamond’s decision to offer to our mutual customers the Centurion 2.0s.  It represents a major commitment to the existing customer base”, says Kenneth R. Suda, Managing Director and President of Technify Motors.

Conversions will be performed by a limited number of authorized centers that will also be able to offer major service work, inspections, refurbishment and other upgrades (like weather radar).  Details, including pricing and availability, will be released as this information becomes available.

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