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Diamond Aircraft Continues Strong Growth in Brazil

Diamond Aircraft continues to see strong sales growth in the Brazilian market, especially of the new DA62 platform.

“We are encouraged by the continued sales growth of the Diamond DA62 in the Brazilian market” said Scott McFadzean, CEO of Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc.  “The combination of increased useful load, seven passenger seating and twin-engine reliability makes the DA62 a perfect fit for the variety of missions flown in Brazil.”

Brazil is South America’s largest country and the world’s fifth-largest country by land area, making it a prime landscape to grow general aviation in the country. Across the world, Diamond Aircraft are recognized for their excellence in safety, innovation, flight performance and, of course, the ramp appeal. 

Diamond Aircraft’s continued growth in Brazil would not be possible without the hard work, dedication and investments made in the country by Aeromot and FBR Aviation, our exclusive sales partners in Brazil.

“We are very proud of the quick increase in the amount of Diamond aircraft flying in the Brazilian skies. In the first half of 2019 alone, we delivered two brand new DA62 and received orders for 5 additional ones.” said Danielle Ulrich, President of FBR Aviation.

“Aeromot service center is very happy to welcome and support all the new Diamond operators in Brazil. The aircraft produced by Diamond bring unparalleled fuel efficiency, comfort, style and safety to the general aviation market. This is a project we are proud to support and invest in” said Guilherme Cunha, CEO of Aeromot Aeronaves e Motores S.A.

Operating in the aeronautical sector since 1967, Aeromot is one of the leading Brazilian aviation companies, specialized in the sale of aircraft, parts and components, aeronautical maintenance and technological solutions for special missions in various sectors of aviation. The company is a national leader in ISR projects (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) having spearheaded a wide portfolio of projects such as the realization of aeronautical systems projects for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics Games. Since 2017, Aeromot has been partnered with Diamond Aircraft as the exclusive distributor of Diamond Aircraft in Brazil; Aeromot is assisted by FBR Aviation Inc. in the process of importing, transferring and nationalizing the aircraft.
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The American-based company FBR Aviation Inc. was founded in 2007 and offers special mission aircraft with complex ISR solutions for the world market, as well as logistics support in aeronautical parts and component supplies. The company strongly supports Diamond Aircraft sales in Latin America.
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