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Diamond Aircraft DA62 Nominee for Austrian National Award Design 2015

Diamond Aircraft’s twin-engine DA62 with space for up to seven passengers has been nominated for the Austrian National Award Design 2015 (Staatspreis Design) in the category “Product Design Industrial Goods”.

On 23rd September 2015 the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth awarded products out of 301 entries in the categories “Product Design/Industrial Design Consumable Goods” and “Product Design/Industrial Design Industrial Goods and Spatial Design”. The Diamond Aircraft DA62, made out of carbon fibre, proved its superiority against competitors and received a nomination.

The expert jury about the DA62:
The successful transposition of ecological, economic, and safety features associated with other industries to civil aviation make this plane a game changer, which is also reflected by its design.

More about the Austrian National Award Design:
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