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Diamond Aircraft delivers DA40 NG aircraft to Ethiopian Airlines and recognizes increased demand for training aircraft worldwide

Diamond Aircraft delivered four DA40 NG aircraft to Ethiopian Airlines. They were flown in four days by the Diamond pilots Thomas Bolt, Othmar Nentwich, Christian Husek and Ingmar Mayerbuch, each of them accompanied and supported by an Ethiopian Airlines pilot. They were using the following flight path:
Wr. Neustadt, Austria – Thessaloniki, Greece – Heraklion, Greece – Luxor, Egypt – Khartoum, Sudan - Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

These were the first DA40 NG out of a batch of 10 aircraft and one simulator to be delivered to Ethiopian Airlines. Since 35 years this was the first investment into new training aircraft at Ethiopian Airlines, which will lead to a tremendous increase in training quality for African pilots.

The aircraft acceptance ceremony was held at Addis Abeba’s Bole International Airport. Mr. Girma WAKE (CEO of Ethiopian Airlines), Mr. Lemma TEKALIGNE (Head of Training) and 200 guests welcomed the four pilots. Mr. Wake and Mr. Tekaligne accepted their first new DA40 NG training aircraft, equipped with Austro Engine AE300, running on Jet A1, and with Garmin G1000 with GFC700 autopilot.

Diamond Aircraft currently recognizes a high demand for training aircraft, which are fulfilling highest safety requirements (composite airframe), modern avionics and progressive engine technology, accomplished with the availability of corresponding simulators. With Diamond a flight school or academy is able to train their students on one product line: single engine DV20, DA20, DA40 NG, multi engine DA42 NG and simulators for DA40 NG and DA42 NG. This is an enormous quality advantage for every graduated pilot and therefore a huge competitive benefit for every FTO (Flight Training Organization).

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