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Diamond Aircraft enters South America

Diamond Aircraft Industries proudly announces that we are now represented in South America and will start selling our single engine aircraft (DA20, DA40) and twin engine aircraft (DA42) and the whole range of our Airborne Sensing portfolio.       
- In Brazil by GCI (Globe Connect International)
- In Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad &Tobago, Aruba Bonaire and Curacao by Aviaservice International With this step, Diamond Aircraft has now “landed” on every continent with its outstanding products.
With Aviaservice and GCI we have the right partners to offer our wide range of aircraft in these important markets and to offer the right service from the first contact onward and provide competence and support throughout the business relationship. We wish both partners long-term success and welcome them in the Diamond family!

Globe Connect International:

Founded in 2002 GCI Brazil is a fully licensed import-export company with emphasis on international trade and foreign commerce. GCI has been on the market of aeronautical consulting since 2002 - worldwide with concentration on European and Latin American Aviation. The range of products and services extends from fully autonomous unmanned aerial systems to personal light jets.
The staff of GCI consists of graduated specialists in international relations and foreign commerce, pilots and aviation professionals covering the range from private, commercial to airline transport pilot with thousands of hours on single and twin engine piston-aircraft, turboprops and jets from short haul to intercontinental flights. Flight instructors for private, commercial and instrument ratings cover the needs to consult potential clients comprehensively.
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Aviaservice is one of the companies that constitutes the aviation business unit of Denton Corp. Throughout ourselves, sister companies and associations we reckon with three service center, sales staff in diverse countries and the capability to supply products and services to the aeronautical market in our territory.
The main service facility is centrally located in Venezuela and with factory trained personnel is experienced and ready to serve the South American and the Caribbean aircraft operators with the annuals, maintenance, modifications and repairs among others. Besides our own capabilities we are authorized representatives of worldwide recognized aeronautical brands like Pratt & Whitney (engines), Rockwell Collins (avionics), Honeywell (avionics), Parker Haniffin Stratoflex Division (hoses), among others. At Aviaservice International NV, we specialize in professional worldwide acquisitions, marketing and sales of quality executive aircraft. Exclusive representatives in Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Trinidad & Tobago of the aircrafts manufactured by Hawker Beechcraft Corporation and Diamond Aircraft Industries GMBH. Outstanding representations, expertise and integrity have earned our company an excellent reputation in the aviation industry in our region.

Aviaservice celebrates in 2008 it’s 25th anniversary.

For more information visit us at: <link http:>

Diamond Aircraft Industries:

Diamond Aircraft Industries is a worldwide operating composite aircraft manufacturer with offices in major centres across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. There are three production facilities: one located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, where head office, research and development operations are conducted, and one in London, Ontario, Canada. At both facilities innovative aircraft solutions of the highest level and quality are produced for flight schools and private operators.
In a joint venture, a new plant was opened in December 2006 in China/ Binzhou. The aircraft, which Diamond Aircraft produces, are the D-Jet “Personal Light Jet”, the twin engine DA42 Twin Star, the single engine DA40 TDI Diamond Star, the single engine DA20, and the motor glider HK36 Super Dimona. The ultra-modern, composite construction, intelligent avionics systems and trendsetting new engine-technologies have made the company the largest producer of aircraft in General Aviation throughout Europe.

Diamond Airborne Sensing GmbH was founded in 2006, as a 100 percent subsidiary of Diamond Aircraft Industries. The company supplies Multi-Purpose Platform (MPP) aircraft for use as multi-purpose sensor carriers and markets these worldwide. The Company has a unique status as the provider of all-in-one solutions (Aircraft and Sensor equipment including post processing software and personnel training), directly from the aircraft manufacturer. The experience for the sensing business is coming out of conducting services for the most common sensor applications using its own demonstrator aircraft fleet.

Diamond Simulation GmbH offers an extremely realistic sensation of flight. This division produces custom-made aircraft simulators with original airframes and the original Garmin G1000 for all Diamond Aircraft types.

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